The Sins of Our Fathers

A distressed vessel discovered by the US Navy (USN) Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigate USS RENTZ (FFG 46) 300 miles from shore with 90 people on board, including women and children. The RENTZ provided assistance and took the Ecuadorian citizens to Guatemala, from where they would be repatriated. (SUBSTANDARD)

The vowed intention of some Muslim groups is for their religion to dominate the world an idle boast you may think.


Take a look and a think about what’s happening in European Christian countries right now. It is the reverse of the Crusades initiated by our forefathers during the 11th and 12th century to take back holy lands from the Muslims. During this period it was a bloody time for both Christians and Muslims, involving many atrocities like we are seeing carried out by so called ISIS and their franchise groups.


Are we now witnessing the start of another period of Muslim domination? We see in the news every day masses of people from mostly Muslim Countries; some displaced by civil war and the situation in which we left countries, after our meddling, ISIS taking advantage of this. The economic migrants of course are also taking advantage of this situation. Whether by accident or design, this could be happening.


This Mass migration over such a short period of time will have a profound effect on the countries were they settle and could in the near future cause a lot of resentment and unrest by the indigenous population, leading to demonstration, rioting and political turmoil.  Are we sowing the seeds for problems for our future generations in maybe 20 to 30 years time?


The demographics of these countries will change dramatically as these migrants tend to have larger families than the indigenous population. When this, over the years feeds through to elected politician, the Muslim population will have more and more say in the running of a country, perhaps introducing sharia law among others that are alien to a Christian society.


Reunified Germany now the largest country in the EU seems to be taking the greatest share of these people. As we know from recent history and experience they are a nation that can be easily led by extreme Idealism, this could result in anarchy. Angela Merkal’s open arms invitation to the migrants could well be her nemesis. The EU supposedly, there to be able to take a lead in solving this sort of crisis has shown its usual impotence, taking its stance of using a sticking plaster and throwing our money about to solve a crisis. This Institution, run by mainly by out of sell-by date politicians and unelected Bureaucrats, is in its self outdated and not fit-for-purpose, in this seemingly fast changing world.


This EEC project spawned by the post war European Coal and Steel community and then extended and changed to provide unfettered trading relationship between members was what the UK signed up to 1972 when we joined the EEC, and so it should have remained.


If the referendum decision is to leave the EU, we will then see the SNP pushing for another referendum to leave the union. Should this happen they will almost certainly apply to join the EU and if accepted, England will then have a Border problem with Scotland, being a way of entry for the whole of the EU population, to what’s left of the Union Will we after 2 Centuries, effectively have to rebuild Adrian’s wall?

The intention of this document is to open up discussion and debate on some serious and seemingly impossible challenges facing the UK and Europe today. Some of those that call racist, when they cannot find a reasoned argument in a debate may well see this in that light, but this is not intended.


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