The Liberal Left – The Liberal Wets


Nobody can deny that 2016 was an incredible year that is sure to go down in history. 

The 23rd June 2016 saw the British people vote ‘Leave’ and take back democracy from the dictating EU. 

The 8th November 2016 saw the American people vote Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America. 

But just like an irritating ticking noise the liberal left just can’t stop crying.

Waking up on the 23rd June 2016 was amazing. Brexiteers were cheering, the mainstream media crying and the establishment panicking. The mainstream media told us all what a terrible mistake we all made, markets crashing, our currency failing, you name it! The remoaners all took to Facebook and Twitter to give out a huge moan. The left could not control their hate towards democracy, they spoke of leaving the country, false hate crimes were reported and there was a clear hatred towards the elderly (even though young ‘remainers’ didn’t bother to vote). 

The first BBC Question Time of 2017 saw Professor of Space Science Monica Grady tell us all she is a “Democrat”. But then like every good remoaner demanded a 2nd referendum. The bitter 2nd referendum the left crave but will not get.

One main issue discussed in the referendum was immigration and control of our borders. This is a concern I also share. 

However, the liberal left. Of course we are now a nation of racists (a word they love) and foreigner bashes, according to the left. 

I say the left should stop insulting millions of voters, shut up and put up. 

If it was a ‘Remain’ vote we would not see a ‘hard remain’ or ‘soft remain’. Just like it would’ve been ‘Remain’ it is now ‘Leave’ and we shall have our Brexit. 

Oh how the 8th November 2016 made us all smile. The left cried, shouted and even rioted (because they value their nation so much). This double blow to the liberal left was sure to get a reaction and it did, on an international scale. 

The Democratic Party was plagued with reports of their leaked emails. So the liberal left passed the book onto Russia. Their loss of the election has mixed with their hate towards Russia. With no evidence given the liberal left and Obama have linked Trumps victory to Russian hacking. Obama went as far as to expel Russian diplomats from the country over the Christmas period. What a festive, good will to all men guy he is. 

Now we have all started to see their dealing of the hacking scandal for what it is, the liberals have upped their game. Welcome Fake News! We are now told that Trump and Russia are in some sort of ‘Fatal Attraction’ relationship. This is now a relationship that involves sex, scandals and blackmail. But of course this has also been debunked. 

The important thing now is for our PM Theresa May to deny that the ex-MI6 officer behind the Trump memo does not act on behalf of our nation. Now is a time to work closely with the new president to be. One irresponsible individual should not get in the way of this. 

So in conclusion we can find that the liberal left are non other than a bunch of remoaning, democracy hating, sore losers. 

They will try every dirty tactic, tell every dirty lie, start rioting and even risk another world war if they don’t get their own way. They act much like children having a tantrum. 

In the meantime the rest of us can relish in victory. We can look forward to saying goodbye to the undemocratic, wasteful EU. We can also look forward to having a right winged, straight talking, no nonsense leader of the free world. 

They shall cry, we shall cheer. 

Oscar Gomez Reaney 

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