Matthew is a 24 year old, third year Computing student. He stood for UK Independence Party in the 2015 general election, for the constituency of Airdrie & Shotts, and is a listed candidate for local and national by elections. He describes himself as ‘Socially Liberal, fiscally Conservative’, and believes in small government, free global trade and UK Independence. He will mostly be writing about the SNP, but will occasionally write about other things.

Away from politics, he is a keen writer, sports fan and motorcycle enthusiast.


Matthew’s recent post:

The Top Five Pro-EU arguments and why they’re wrong.

  The United Kingdom is steadily moving towards a pinnacle and defining moment in its long established 300 year history, which will reach a climax some point before the end of 2017, when the entirety of the UK goes to the polls to decide the future of the UK. To stay in the EU, or leave. […]

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Stronger For No One – Highland Bitter

2016 is a big year for Scottish Politics, as the 5th term of Scottish Government will be decided at the ballot box. The front-running favourites are, at the moment, the Scottish National Party. They’ll be hoping to top their current 64 MSP’s and form an outright majority, as such, they’ve started their campaign early. Up and […]

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Stronger for No One – State Appointed Spies

In February last year, the devolved Scottish Parliament brought into existence the NamedPersons Scheme, by passing the ‘Children and Young People (Scotland) bill’. Out of the 128 MSP’s present for the vote, 103 voted in favour, with 15 abstentions. This translated to all of the (then) 69 SNP MSP’s, all of the (then) 37 Labour […]

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Stronger for No One – An eye on the SNP

“Stronger for Scotland”. That’s the self-styled slogan upon which the Scottish National Party stood for election this past May. They presented a core message of representing Scottish interests in London, locking the Tories out of Number 10 and “holding Westminsters’ feet to the fire”. A strong and noble cause, I’m sure most would agree, but […]

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