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2016 is a big year for Scottish Politics, as the 5th term of Scottish Government will be decided at the ballot box. The front-running favourites are, at the moment, the Scottish National Party. They’ll be hoping to top their current 64 MSP’s and form an outright majority, as such, they’ve started their campaign early. Up and down the land prospective candidates are stepping forward and pinning on that Yellow Rosette, as someone who has gone through this process (albeit for a vastly different party, in a different election), I have a quiet respect for anyone who throws their hat into the political bear-pit, especially for the first time, regardless of their label. However, every so often, an exception is thrown up.

Today I met that exception. His name is Hugh Moodie, the prospective Scottish Parliament regional list candidate for Highlands & Islands. A cursory glance of his Facebook campaign page is enough to highlight that he is your typical anti-British, anti-English Braveheart loving type that is so often stereotypically aligned with the SNP (at least according to this commentator), awash with Saltire waving, ‘FREEEDDOOOMMMM’ sort of posts, and posts of disdain against all things British. But, a more in depth look reveals that, not only is he grossly unrepresentative of a massive chunk of his prospective electorate, he is also ridiculously ill-equipped to handle politics or a challenge to his views.

This became apparent on a thread posted by Mr.Moodie, on his official campaign page:

Hugh Moodie

Quite aside from the glaring hypocrisy of sharing a post from a pro-EU page, whilst simultaneously supporting and promoting Scottish Independence (which can never happen whilst they are in the EU), the most important thing here is the post itself. It’s a link to a newspaper article, determining that Police Scotland found no wrong doing in the postal ballot opening attended by the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, in the run up to the Scottish Referendum, and as such, no charges shall be filed against her. Mr.Moodie accompanies this post with a comment ‘Nothing to see here…..’, the connotations of which could not be clearer – Mr.Moodie rejects these findings, and believes Ms.Davidson to be guilty, and stands by that belief in the face of evidence to the contrary.

And indeed asserts that belief several times throughout the subsequent comments on his post, where he likes, and replies too, various comments either challenging his view, or supporting it. Ranging from challenging the difference when one of his prospective colleagues does the same thing, to claiming establishment and government corruption. Every comment that agrees with Mr.Moodie is liked by him, regardless of the content or the extremity of it. As you can see here (names of people other than myself and Mr.Moodie have been scored over for legal reasons):

Comments on the thread, which Mr.Moodie likes in support.


Hugh Moodie comments he likes 2

Mr Moodie justifying his belief.

At this point, I decided to give my two cents worth, naively thinking that he would respect democracy and free speech, and debate me at a level suitable for a man vying to be elected as an MSP. (Disclaimer: I have, since this exchange took place, noticed that I referred to Mr.Moodie as an ‘elected politician’ – At time of this exchange and this post, he was not elected. This was error on my part and I apologise to Mr.Moodie for that mistake, however, the point stands)… As you can see from the post, I clearly struck a nerve, and instead of addressing my points, decides to go on the defensive and deflect:


Instead of replying to this comment, he deleted the comment thread and blocked me from commenting further on his page… So much for democracy. No doubt he’ll claim I was being abusive, just like he did with this lady (and note the comment above from one of his self-declared admins, telling lies about the formation of the Union and spewing out vitriolic hatred):


Or this would-be-voter, who is hilariously accused of trolling for asking a legitimate question:


Or this man, who challenges the views of the picture above, and closes his comment citing the likelihood of his comment being deleted… It was, I confirm, deleted. And the poster blocked (go figure):



Is this man suitable for election? A man who blocks anyone and everyone who challenges his belief? A man who is unwilling to hear the concerns, and counter arguments, from his would-be electorate, instead of taking those challenges and debating them (presumably because he lacks the knowledge to do so)? A man who is so filled with narrow-minded, thinly veiled bigotry towards the English, British, the State and the Crown, and associates with others who are somewhat less veiled?

What will this man be like in Holyrood, when a rival challenges his view? Or in his Parliamentary Advice office, when one of his constituents that DIDN’T vote for him needs help?

So, should this man be elected? Someone who lacks even the most basic decorum and respect to people who hold different views to himself? Personally, I think not… But I doubt he will be kicked out of the SNP… He would have do something really serious like allegedly commit fraud, to do that…



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