To Carwyn Jones

Carwyn jones

Dear Carwyn Jones,

I am baffled how someone like you became the first minister for Wales, I truly feel sorry for Wales. I was also bewildered that someone like you was even a politician, especially with some of the nonsense that you have said.


On BBC Question time you said that the pound was strong and to the response to Nigel Farage who said that “the pound is falling” the only thing you could say was “Talk to Tata”. What kind of a response was that?

Therefore here are some nice pictures for your brain to ingest.



Hope this helps.


Also you said “Britain is not an island”. Did you fail your Geography test?

Here is the difference between Great ‘Britain’ and ‘United Kingdom’


Great Britain does not include Northern Ireland.


Also on the EU subject; a subject that you deeply need help on. The 84% figure that laws effecting a nation state in the EU was seized on by former German President Roman Herzog and Luder Gurken of the Centrum für Europäische Politik, who used these figures to work out 84% of all German laws originate in Brussels. As Open Europe explains:

750 (directives) + 18,187 (regulations) = 18,917 EU legislative acts

1,195 (Gesetze) + 3,055 (Verordnungen) – 750 (directives) = 3,500 German legislative acts

= 84%.

And UKIP think tanks has estimated that it is 75% of British law comes from the EU.


Kind Regards




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