The cartel of the Lib/Lab/Con


You know why smaller parties like the Greens and UKIP have such a hard time? It is because they are a threat to the establishment and their friends! The hierarchy, which includes people at the top of government, big businesses and their friends in the media. They will do anything in order to keep the status quo and whatever benefits them in their favour, they all scratch each other’s backs!


It is an illusion that the media portray that the Labour and Conservatives are different. On any major issue they sing from the same hymn sheet, this is because it is in favour of the cartel group. Anyone who is classed as a threat will be shut down or smeared. Just look at Corbyn for the Labour party, the media and friends are after him because he wants to take Labour back to its core founding principles, not to follow suit of the status quo.


Recently 45 new Lords have been appointed to the House of Lords, all from the Lib/Lab/Con; none from UKIP or the Greens. What a surprise! UKIP had nearly 4 million votes in the last general election coming 3rd (in terms of vote share) and they won the European Election in 2014; they have NEVER had an appointed Lord to the Parliament. The House of Lords seem to be a resting place for failed career politicians and the establishment cartel donors.


The media will not make a big deal out of this or anything that will damage the Lib/Lab/Con because it will damage their friends and their interest. The media are very good at focusing at none issues and getting the average Joe to vote for their friends by using tactical sound bites. The only reason the Conservatives won a majority in the last general election is because the English were scared of a SNP + Labour government and due to First Past the Post voting system they had to vote tactically. Also the media tells people what they are thinking in order to influence their voting intentions.


The EU referendum is coming up and don’t be surprised if the media, big businesses and the government supports the YES campaign…. Because it is in favour of the cartel.

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