Lefties refuse to listen: The attack on France

The heartbreaking sad attack on France is a disaster that has been warned about before repeatedly by people like Nigel Farage. However it has been previously dismissed as a extreme fantasy by both the government and hardcore lefties.

Nigel Farage “4 years ago I stood here and said Bombing Liberia would be a huge mistake” … “There is a real and genuine threat, when ISIS say they want to flood our continent with 500,000 Islamic extremist, they really mean it”


Let have a look at some more point made prior to the France attack:


“The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.”

“One in 50 Syrian refugees entering Europe could be member of Isis, a Lebanese government minister has claimed.”

“Transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy claim to provide evidence that ISIS is threatening to send 500,000 migrants simultaneously out to sea in hundreds of boats in a ‘psychological weapon’ against Europe if there is military intervention against them in Libya.”


The former Prime Minster of Australia did offer his help to the EU however the EU declined. At the time Australian PM Tony Abbott – who sends naval gunboats to turn back asylum seekers before they reach Australia – said the EU should ‘urgently’ follow his lead. He said: ‘The only way you can stop the deaths is to stop the boats. ‘That’s why it is so urgent that the countries of Europe adopt very strong policies that will end the people-smuggling trade across the Mediterranean.’


The migrants problem

3 Facts Lefties refuse to listen to:

  • The majority of migrants are not Syrian refugees fleeing from war or ISIS persecution.
  • 90% of people who claim they are Syrian refugees do not have any documentation to prove they are Syrian.
  • Majority of the migrants are benefit migrants that are aiming to get to France, Germany and the UK.


One of the myths played by the big media is that mass immigration will help Europe by producing cheap labour. This will only bring down the wages of the working man of Europe whilst the rich get richer as they do not need to pay as much for workers. If you look at a country like Czech Republic that has maintained it borders for the last 100 years they have the fastest growing economy in Europe. However Sweden that has opened its doors, now have 58% of Swedish welfare payments now going to immigrants.


Lefties do not listen:

Labour MP Rachael Maskell: “20,000 is not enough, 30,000 is not enough, 50,000 is …. [awarded by applause from hardcore lefties]”



Hardcore Leftie LaRoche said “we should open our borders, and let them in” in regards to the migrants in Calais.


The migrant crisis would not have happened if the Western countries did not fund terrorist organisations to attack the leaders of their countries. If the money wasn’t spent on bombs and guns but instead on infrastructure, education and services, these countries living standards would raise, therefore the migrant crisis would have not happened.



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