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Yep, if you hate conservatism then join the FAKE Conservative Party. The Conservative party stands in the way of a real Conservative formation. Miraculously the party keeps holding onto millions of conservative voters on pure false advertisement and the party doesn’t do what it says on the tin. The party has a handful of actual conservative minded backbenches’, but any attempt of a Conservative policy via a private bill will almost certainly get shot down. The entwined structure and the hierarchy of the party is designed to halt any changes within so consequently my advice would be not to prop up the fake, horrible, twisted Conservative party. The collapse of the party will cause a vacuum for a new REAL conservative party.


Well what is the Conservative party you may ask? Well it has transformed into a centrist party that is indistinguishable to the New Labour Party. The cartel has even done a good job in replacing David Cameron with Cameron 2.0 or Theresa May as she liked to be called. She is no more than a Public Relations woman that will portrait the Conservative party in any shade to retain her position at number 10. She will articulate in such a fashion to win over voters from Parties like UKIP that gained 4 million votes in the previous General Election and she will try and smooth over the 17.4 million people that voted for Leave. It is no more than a very clever marketing campaign to win over the bigger pool of people to vote for her. There is no point going for the middle ground or the people who voted Remain as that pool set is covered by Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Therefore, cleverly she has gone for the bigger pool set regardless of your actual beliefs and principles. As long as she sings the right notes people will be tricked (again).


Just look at Theresa May’s record as Home Secretary; she was the longest serving home secretary that achieved one achievement which was beating Labour’s record on the highest net migration figures at a record of 366,000 people NET coming into the UK. As Home Secretary she would blow a lot of hot air saying how mass migration is affecting communities and how it affects wages and jobs, however at the given opportunity to campaign to Leave the EU and control migration, she shied away from it and backed remaining in the EU. Observing the evidence of her actions and records she can talk the talk however she cannot walk the walk.


It was cringing to see the FAKE Conservative party cheering for Jermary Corbyn to become the leader of the Labour party (again). Corbyn is moving labour towards socialism, which consequently is allowing the conservative stay centrist a party picking up more support without going after the people they hate (real conservatives). They will use Corbyn to also retain their core conservative support by putting fear that Conservatives must win to defeat Corbyn’s socialism.


We have already seen cracks in the Conservative party in the past with supporters, Councillors and MPs losing faith and moving away from the Conservative party which resulted in a defeat in the European elections. Then with the possibility of losing power on the horizon, this resulted in the Conservative party leader David Cameron offering the British people a referendum, something that he certainly did not want to do. In the future a loss of support and votes for the Fake Conservative party will hopefully cause the party to fall and splinter into sub groups, in which one may contain REAL conservatives or will almost certainly create space for a new Real Conservative party to be formed.




Also want to know what Brexit will look like under the Fake Conservative party? Ignore the fake talk and watch the video below by CGP Grey:



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