Brexit myths cleared. The UK leaving the EU is a good thing.

I would like to clear up some myths about the UK leaving the EU (European Union).



Firstly, the myth that the UK would lose 3 million jobs is ridiculous, the only connection with the 3 million jobs figure and the EU is that 3 million jobs rely on trade with Europe not being in a political union. If trade ceased it would in fact cost the EU 5 million jobs, therefore a UK/EU Free Trade Agreement is inevitable. Nobody in the EU is suggesting that the UK cannot obtain a free trade deal outside the political union, only those in Britain campaigning to stay in suggest such a thing.


Secondly, the myth that the UK cannot survive outside the EU is another scare mongering tactic from the ones who wish to stay in the EU. Major economies like Japan (the world’s 3rd largest) are not in a trading bloc. The EU’s share of world GDP is forecast to decline to 15% in 2020, down from 26% in 1980. Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU, yet they export far more per capita to the EU than the UK does. Outside the EU would allow the UK to set up its’ own trade deals with growing economic countries like China, India, USA etc. As well as obtaining a trade deal with the EU.


Thirdly, the myth that the EU is moving towards the UK position on cutting regulations and bureaucracy is plain wrong again. Britain exports less than 10% of its GDP to the EU, however 100% of UK businesses have to obey the EU law. Countries outside the EU like Switzerland only have to apply to EU standards when trading with the EU. Switzerland have the critical advantage that they don’t have to apply EU rules to its domestic economy nor when trading with to the rest of the world. Prof Tim Congdon worked out that the EU cost the British Taxpayer £185 billion per year, he believes the biggest single cost comes from 120,000 pages of EU law.


Finally, when people say that the UK would crumble outside of the European Union, just question yourself this; We are the 5th Largest Economy in the world, the 5th major military power on the planet, 1 of 5 permanent seat holders on the UNSC (United Nation Security Council), We are a member of the G7, our language is the most widely spoken across the world, we have parallel links with the United States, the Commonwealth and the rest of the English speaking world, how much bigger do we have to be, before we are able to thrive running our own affairs in our own interest?




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