The Sombrero racist? If it is, I’ll eat my hat!

Jack Neill responds to the University of East Anglia’s decision to ban a Mexican restaurant from handing out Sombrero’s to students.
“As a half-Mexican student I am disgusted by the ban on sombreros by the University of East Anglia’s Student Union.  The sombrero is a proud symbol of Mexico, its culture and history, just as the kilt is for Scotland.  Banning it is an insult to all Mexicans. British people without Mexican heritage are happy to eat our food and drink tequila; they should also feel free to wear our national hat.
Once again a handful of student union hacks are making all students look stupid.  We go to university to learn and have our minds opened, not to have bullying political loonies close them.
Whatever will they try to ban next?  Wearing green and drinking Guinness on St Patrick’s Day?”
So, after my letter appeared in the Scottish Daily Express, The Times, the “i” and the Metro the Scottish Daily Mail has now picked up my letter and made it their letter of the day with a good headline! The saga continues!
-Jack Neill
PS adds – This is from a University that is educating our “brightest students”, what political correctness gone mad society will the future hold.

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