British Solidarity: Britain Must Remain United and Strong



If you have clicked to view my first ever blog then I can only assume you have done so to read what I have to say about the United Kingdom. Well, I will tell you.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a 300-year-old national treasure. It is a union built on common values, a common culture, a common language, a common currency and shared goals of strength and prosperity. The United Kingdom is a union designed with the intention of putting an end to the sort of rampant nationalism which plagued the British Isles for many centuries. The United Kingdom is a union which took on Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler in two separate world wars and won. The United Kingdom is a union of innovation which gave the world the steam engine, the telephone, the light bulb, the jet engine and the bicycle. Last but not least, the United Kingdom is a union which showed the world what one geographically-insignificant little island can accomplish when united – a not so insignificant British Empire! You see the point I’m making here, don’t you? United, we can achieve absolutely anything!


The UK has been a large success and a marvel of human cooperation, innovation and discovery, unity and solidarity. Until recently…


The country has been persistently held to ransom by an age-old menace which never seems to disappear – nationalism. Rampant, blind, bitter nationalism. The problem here in Scotland is we are faced with the unstoppable rise of a political party called the “Scottish National Party (SNP)”. For decades this party has attempted to stir up division among people by arguing that somehow people in Scotland are somehow different to people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Scottish nationalists argue that we Scots have nothing common with our brothers and sisters south of the border and that we ought to secede from the UK. History, however, is littered with examples of when we united together, as one state and one people, to fight off a common foe.


When Hitler and the Nazis plunged Europe into war and chaos and were on the verge of invading Britain by 1940 did we give in and surrender? No! We showed solidarity and together – as one united island – we fought off the Nazis, irrespective of whether we were Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish! When the Falklands were invaded did we give into Argentina’s demands and hand over the islands? No! We showed solidarity with our fellow Brits and sent over a task force to counter the invading Argentine forces and take back what is rightfully our territory! When Alex Salmond and the SNP threatened the end of the UK with the Scottish independence referendum did we disregard our British identity, economic and cultural links with the rest of the UK? No! The ‘silent majority’ came out in force, displayed solidarity with the rest of the UK and rejected the SNP’s barmy plans for so-called independence. “Independence from what?”, I say.


I suppose the point I am trying to convey here is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a member of ISIS or a nationalist/separatist party, they all have the same end goal – the complete destruction of the British state. They only differ in methods to achieve their desired goals. Some opt for guns and bombs where as others opt for rosettes and leaflets. During these dark and uncertain times there is only one thing we, the British people, can do – unite together and display solidarity. British solidarity.


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