Byron was originally born in the United States, yet graduated from secondary school in Bogota, Colombia. While attending The Catholic University of America from 2011-2013, he interned at Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign headquarters, and for Senator Tim Scott. In 2015 he graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science, and will be attending graduate school in London in 2016, to obtain his MA in International Relations. He enjoys traveling, being extremely politically incorrect, & swimming.

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Anne Marie Waters for Leader of UKIP. ENDORSEMENT

Throughout this leadership campaign, we have seen a clear divide between the establishment of this party, and those who wish to preserve the remnants of western civilization, regardless of whether it sounds politically correct or not. Only Anne Marie has the groundswell of public backing from outside of the party to increase UKIP’s support. Whether […]

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Ten Point Plan: Dealing With The Islamist Question

1. Immediate withdrawal from the European Union. Negotiations with Brussels are unnecessary. 2. A halt to all migration from countries which are a threat to western civilisation. 3. Imprison those who support Islamist terrorist organisations. 4. Reimplementation of the death penalty for murder, rape, and treason. 5. Increase the defence budget to 5% of GDP […]

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Europe Must Confront Islam

Victory in Europe in 1945 gave birth to the weakest of men. Political parasites ceding their nations away to special interests which are hell-bent on the destruction of the nation-state. Such people are not only enemies of the nation, but of all humanity. It is these people, who turn a blind eye to the systematic […]

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Preview Of The French Assembly Elections

Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the Fifth Republic on the 7th of May and moved forward with appointing cabinet ministers who come from both the so-called, left and right. Yet as Macron’s En Marche political party and its allies hover at 30% in the polls, a majority of the French people are not keen […]

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Islamism Threatens Our Existence

Terrorist attacks in Akara and Berlin are not only attacks against Western Civilisation, but against all who are vehemently opposed to the barbaric nature of fanatics who wish to shove Islamism down the throats of our people. It is an abomination that our weak and incompetent ‘leaders’ are incapable of standing firm against terror, but […]

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Austria’s Presidential Election Is Only A Small Setback

Austrians may have voted against Mr Hofer in the Austrian Presidential Election, but his defeat is merely a small setback for the nationalist Freedom Party(FPÖ). Before October 2017, Austrians will head to the polls to vote in the parliamentary elections, which will be a victory for the FPÖ, and will signal the beginning of the […]

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Fidel Castro Was A Muderous Tyrant

Fidel Castro’s death on November 25th was a day millions of Cubans around the world had waited for. Tyranny, a command economy, economic stagnation, and isolationism brought Cuba to her knees financially, but hope never left the hearts of the Cuban people. In the early hours of November 26th, hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans rejoiced […]

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Marine Le Pen’s Front National swept to victory in the first round in six of the twelve regions of mainland France on Sunday in spectacular fashion, but it’s not over yet. The Socialist Party is pulling out of the second round in two French regions that the Front National won with more than 40% of […]

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14 Americans Gunned Down By Muslim Terrorists In California

14 American citizens were gunned down in cold blood by Syeed Farook and other Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino on December 2nd. These terrorists wore tactical gear, had assault rifles, pistols, & pipe bombs. Not only will the leftists play this down, but they will hark on about gun control. San Bernardino is in California, […]

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Geert Wilders Must Not Stand Alone Against Terror

Europe is on the precipice of an economic and social collapse due to mass migration from Muslim nations which wish to destroy not only western civilization, but also every religion which stands in its way. Immigration figures are a key indicator of the eminent collapse of Europe as we know it. The only way to […]

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