Why Swiss Voters Moving Further To The Right Is Good For Europe


For the fourth consecutive general election in a row the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) came out on top, ahead of the Social Democrats, the centre-right Liberals, and eight other political parties.

Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Poland are the base of anti EU and NATO sentiment among traditional right wing voters. Unlike France and Hungary, they do not embrace socialist style economic reforms that are popular among the base of the Front National in France, or among the Sweden Democrats.

This tells us that resistance to the these super national organizations is more likely to succeed in the countries whose anti EU parties are not promising free handouts to their citizenry. In France, the Front National is well known for being staunch supporters of protectionism and the welfare state. Eventually they will receive a backlash from the general populous if they come to power. Such a backlash will not come due to their deportation and immigration policies, but due to the fact that they will not be able to afford to give handouts and freebies to the masses.

Whereas in Switzerland, the SVP is critical of the welfare state,  supports traditional laissez faire economics, and would be associated with the Chicago school of thought if compared to the United States.

Combining laissez faire economics and national sovereignty is the perfect recipe for combating the EU and like minded organizations. Embracing the welfare state and protectionist policies will only compound the economic calamities which Europe is currently facing. One can see this with the EU’s current protectionist policies.

Protectionist?! But I thought the EU was about free trade? Well you thought wrong. The EU imposes some of the most draconian protectionist policies on Africa and South America, which ensures that their economies are stuck in the stone age. It’s not a surprise that the Africans wish to come to Europe en masse, when the EU bureaucrats ensure that African economies can never prosper.

Toni Brunner and his SVP can show the peoples of Europe how opposition to uncontrolled migration, super national organizations, and the defense of free markets is the perfect recipe for success. Remember, the SVP winning four national elections in a row certainly is not a fluke. It’s a sign that the Swiss people are far more intelligent that the average citizen of other European countries. The citizenry is heavily armed, well trained, productive, and wise. Such a model should be adopted by other European countries if they wish to see economic development and security. Or you can just bang your pots and pans and sing the Internationale with Jeremy Corbyn, because that’ll get a lot done for you….



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