The Death Of The Canadian Conservative Party


The Tories have once and for all been relegated to the trash heap of history, and you can thank Stephen Harper for that. His neoconservative foreign policy, and socially conservative views are out of touch with mainstream voters in Ontario and Quebec, and seen as abhorrent by the Liberals in their bastion in the Atlantic.

For far too long Canada has had an electoral system that is out of step with most developed nations. With newly elected PM Tredeau, the Liberal Party will implement a form of proportional representation, which will not only be reflective of the voters of Canada, but offer more legitimate choices to the citizenry on election day.

None of this changes the fact that the Liberals are opposed to bombing the Islamic State, and there six f18s will no longer take part in coalition air strikes. It doesn’t change the fact that higher taxes and more government spending by the Liberals will stifle real economic prosperity. Nonetheless getting rid of Harper, who was a champion of the Iraq War, is a staunch opponent of same sex marriage and marijuana legalization, and who calls for the overthrow of President Assad, is clearly a benefit for Canada.

As for why the Tories are electoral finished, it has all to do with the new electoral system, and the fact that the Tories are out of touch with mainstream Canada. The Liberals, socialist NDP, Bloc Québécois, and the Greens will never go into coalition with the Tories, and the Conservatives will never receive more than 40% of the vote in a general election. One can simply look at the previous electoral results of the Conservatives, and one will see that their ceiling of support is in the high thirties.

How Does The Right Respond?

Canadian right wingers need to take socially liberal positions, embrace a non interventionist foreign policy, and emphasize how economic liberalism and free markets is the best way to counter the left. The culture war has been dead in Canada for quite some time. A new party, perhaps called the National Party should be formed by current Tories who wish to represent those who want common sense approaches to how government should serve the citizenry. Only then will the so-called right ever have a chance to counter the Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens in future elections.


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