Ten Point Plan: Dealing With The Islamist Question

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1. Immediate withdrawal from the European Union. Negotiations with Brussels are unnecessary.

2. A halt to all migration from countries which are a threat to western civilisation.

3. Imprison those who support Islamist terrorist organisations.

4. Reimplementation of the death penalty for murder, rape, and treason.

5. Increase the defence budget to 5% of GDP to guarantee that the necessary resources will be available to quell civil unrest.

6. Close all Islamic faith schools.

7. Ban the niqab and burka for security purposes.

8. Eliminate welfare for migrants. This will encourage unskilled Islamist migrants to voluntarily resettle elsewhere.

9. Ban the construction of new mosques.

10. Halt all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.


“Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.” – Enoch Powell




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