Marine Le Pen’s Front National swept to victory in the first round in six of the twelve regions of mainland France on Sunday in spectacular fashion, but it’s not over yet.

The Socialist Party is pulling out of the second round in two French regions that the Front National won with more than 40% of the vote. In Nord-Pas-De-Calais Picardie, the FN took 40,5% of the vote with Marine Le Pen leading the party list. In PACA, the FN secured 40,3% with Marion Le Pen, granduaghter of the imfamous Jean Marie Le Pen at the top of the ticket.


What does this mean for the FN? Beforehand it was guarantee that the FN would win both of these regions in the second round. Every party or list that recieves 10% of the vote in the first round automatically moves to the second unless it pulls out. With the Socialist Party being the anti sovereignty, anti French, pro cultural genocidal fanatics that they are, it’s not a complete surprise that they have decided to commit political suicide in these regions.

For one, the Socialists will go from controlling both of these regions to having zero seats. While these are just regional elections, if the Socialist Party does this in the legislative elections in 2017 then they’ll be taken to the woodshed.

While it’s enjoying to watch the Socialists implode like the Hindenberg, it unfortuntely cements the centre-right Republicans as the next party of government unless the migration crises and Islamic terrorism results in the collapse of the Fifth Republic.

This is the fundemental problem with democracy. When the masses are given the vote, mob rule typically takes precedent to sanity.

Come December 13th, the Front National will need to keept their fingers crossed that enough communists stay home and don’t vote for the centre-right. If that happens, it will be one slap in the face the Socialist Party will takes decades to shake off.

December 6th may have been the most spectacular result for the FN in its 43 year history, but the fight has just begun.

The age of social democracy is dying…

The age of nationalism is about to begin.


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