Saudi Arabia Is The Real Enemy….Not Russia


The enemy at the gate is not Russia, it’s the Wahhabi’s of Saudi Arabia. Those of us who comprehend the intricate relations among foreign States, are well aware that Prime Minister Cameron is beating the drum of fear when he mentions the Russian Federation. God forbid, the Russian’s exert themselves in Ukraine, and some of the other former Soviet Republics. Never mind the fact that the British and Americans continually interfere in the foreign affairs of sovereign nations, and overthrow democratically elected governments who refuse to serve as puppets to the globalists. Countless examples of this exist, including the overthrow of PM Mossadegh of Iran in 1953, as a direct result of the Iranians nationalizing the oil companies.

Today, the nations in question are Yemen & Syria. Tomorrow? One only knows where the West will strike next, but if one is to take a guess, it would likely be Iran once more. The West has been seeking revenge against the Iranians ever since they rose up in a peaceful revolution to overthrow the Shah, who was nothing more than a puppet for corporate interests. Yes, the current Iranian government is just as oppressive, and no, we should not call them ‘our friends’…as comrade Corbyn refers to every so called Jihadi in the Mid East & Central Asia (or ‘militants’ as the pc police say on the BBC & Channel 4).

Now what does this have to do with Russia? President Putin is no fool, and he certainly is not a coward. The Russian Federation wishes to be a superpower once more, and its government has no interest in seeing its allies since the Cold War era be overthrown. They’ve witnessed this with Colonel Gaddafi, and are slowly seeing this take place with President Assad. Russia standing up to the West, is all that stops Iran from being vanquished. Without Russia, Iran is defenseless. She has no navy or air force worth speaking of, and the air defense systems are no match for the Israeli and Saudi warplanes (made by the Americans).

Currently a proxy war is in full swing in Yemen. Ethnic Houthis, who are Shia, and compose about half of the population, are at war with the remnants of the corrupt and dictatorial Sunni led government, which they overthrew earlier this year. Many may ask, why does any of this matter? It’s rather elementary when you think about, and of grave importance. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are waging a war of terror from the skies against defensless Houthi civilians. This goes unnoticed by the propaganda machine of the West, for Houthi lives matter little…for they are only Shia, and we know what little respect the West has for the Shia of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

As the West openly supports the Saudi air campaign to prop up a former dictator who has little to no support from the local populous, the Saudi’s push for more genocide against the Shia in Syria. While the West arrogantly calls for regime change in Damascus…the Saudi’s fund terrorist organizations who are allied with Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate). Why does the West permit this? For Cameron, Obama, and the rest of the fools that have a say in NATO, anything to prop up Sunni puppets and bring down the Shia, is part of their plan. While Shia dominated regimes in Syria and Iran resist, the West cozy’s up to terrorist States which they created. These include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain. None of those countries would exist if it was not for the West meddling in the foreign affairs of the Middle East.

Who though, is the chief culprit of them all? Saudi Arabia. It’s the Saudi’s who pushed for a so called ‘holy war’ against the Russians in Afghanistan, back in the 1980s. It’s the Saudi’s who pushed the UN to invade Iraq in the 1990s, and who anxiously supported the coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003. Where did 15 of the 19 September the 11th hijackers come from? Wait for it…Saudi Arabia, which also gave us the rise of Osama. It’s Saudi Arabia who funds terrorists in Syria, turns a blind eye to the rise of the AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) in Yemen, and who now promises to build 200 mosques in Germany….to spread their message of Wahhabi hate. It’s the Wahhabi’s of Saudi Arabia who force women to wear the niqab, which is becoming more common on the streets of London. It’s the Wahhabi’s who behead pagans and apostates, throw gays from rooftops, ban women from driving, and refuse under any circumstance for any social liberal reforms to be carried out.

Next time you hear the Tories or Lib Dems, or even New Liebour having conniptions about President Putin….remember who the real terrorists in the world are, and those are the allies of the West. it’s rather ironic, given that our so-called ‘Sunni allies’ want us to be converted or killed. At the present rate, they make get their wish in regards to the later.

Now tell me, how is Russia a threat Mr. Cameron? Oh wait, it isn’t.


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