Russia Should Bomb The “Moderate Rebels”


War frenzy has gripped the hearts and minds of the neoconservatives in Washington and London. For the first time in history, the Russians and the Americans are dropping bombs on the same country. This is wonderful news is it not?

Russian bombing raids against the Islamists.

Yes, if you’re not a neocon. Neoconservatives are hell-bent on war, terror, and supernationalism. They profit from military expenditures via the military industrial complex, and push governments into illegal wars of aggression.

Insightfulness is a key trait of President Putin. His understanding of the neoconservative foreign policy of the United States has led him to the conclusion that watching another legitimate government fall at the hands of CIA backed terrorists is a crime which must be stopped in its tracks.

Four years ago we watched as France, England, and the United States illegally bombed the forces of Libya. The repercussions of such idiocy? An election was held where the so-called ‘moderates’ turned out to be affiliated with radical Islamism. The United States responded in an attempt to overthrow the newly democratically elected government, which has failed by untold proportions.

Do we really want a repeat of this in Syria? The answer is unequivocally no, for the bloodshed would be greater by untold proportions. Alawites, Christians, and Druze would be exterminated, and nothing would be done by the West to prevent such a calamity. Nevermind that England and the United States has blood on THEIR hands in the Arabian peninsula when it comes to backing dictators. Nevermind that the Saudi led air campaign in Yemen has resulted in the destruction of more than 70,000 homes! Who lives in these homes? Innocent civilians. Oh wait, I forgot that those civilians are ethnic Houthis, which means they are Shia. I very nearly forgot that the West always ignores the plight of innocent Shia in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia bombs a wedding party.

One can look at Bahrain, where the autocratic Sultan and his family are Sunni, yet oppress the Shia majority. If one protests in the streets against the dictatorship, then one is likely to receive a life sentence…if you’re lucky. Why is that we never hear about this oppressive regime? Simple. Bahrain is a puppet of the neoconservatives and does its bidding.

Bahrain is a puppet of the U.S.

Syria is just another step in the neoconservative game plan to control the Middle East. Unabashed support for Israel, listing Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, (even though it remains part of the legitimately elected government of Lebanon), and permitting the Turks to back Jabhat Al-Nusra are prime examples of the sheer fanaticism of neoconservatives on both sides of the pond.

President Putin is no Saint, but he certainly is a savior. He’s a savior for the Alwaites who face certain annihilation if the Salafis take control of the provinces of Latakia and Tartus. Evidentely this is not the only reason, or even the main reason that the Russians are intervening in Syria, but it’s significant nonetheless.

Syria has been an ally of Russia going back to the days of the Soviet Union. It has been a counter to the aggressiveness of western imperialism both in Turkey and Israel. Losing this last bastion of significant resistance in the Arab world would be catastrophic for Russia.

Not only would Syria be used as a launching pad for Islamist preparations for an attack in the Caucuses, but also become a recruitment tool like no other for the Islamic State, Ahrar Al Sham, the Islamic Front, Jabhat Al Nusra, and others.

Ahrar Al Sham training video.

As of Wednesday the 30th of September, the neoconservatives began complaining  that the Russians aren’t bombing ISIS, but are instead bombing the so-called ‘moderates’. Now we’ve yet to be told what constitutes a moderate Muslim terrorist, but I take it that the moderates smoke, listen to music, and don’t fondle their livestock as much as the slightly more extreme terrorists do within ISIS. Or maybe they do, who knows?

Neoconservative Senator John McCain complaining about Russian intervention on behalf of the Syrian government.

With the Russians bombing the CIA funded ‘moderates’, will it do anything to change the tide? Perhaps not. It does nothing to stop the flow of barbarians from the Arabian peninsula, and it doesn’t stop the flow of cash from the Gulf States.

What it does is that it props up the democratically elected government of Syria for the time being, and it weakens the neoconservatives who have finally proven to be as indecisive as ever. Even many of the neocons are weary of repeating another quagmire like Iraq.

Once the ‘moderates’ are obliterated from the air, the Russians can either recreate an Alawite State on the coast, or attempt at a very costly campaign to regain the rest of the country. If Damascus does not fall, which it likely won’t with Russian air support, it is likely that the Alawite State will not be recreated. If Damascus does fall…. Well in that case the neocons aren’t even down for the current round, and certainly nowhere close to be knocked out cold .What we do know though, is that there is one way to significantly weaken the prestige of NATO, and the neoconservatives hacks within it. That is for Russia to systematically liquidate the neocon puppets in Syria. Russian forces must slaughter Islamists on wholesale.

Russian Foreign Minister on how the majority of the opposition forces fighting against President Assad are Islamists.

Western powers would claim that this would have been prevented, only if we had overthrown President Assad back in 2011. Obama and Cameron would ignorantly claim that Assad is a brutal dictator, and that he had to go. NATO members will go bananas about how Syria should have free and fair elections.

Fellow free thinkers, we should never take NATO seriously until they call for the overthrow of the Wahhabi governments of the Arab peninsula. When they do that, we may consider listening to their whining. Till then, we must do our upmost to support the legitimate government of Syria, led by President Assad. Without a doubt the gloves are off the table. NATO and the CIA fund terrorists in the region, therefore drastic measures must be taken. If this includes an air campaign by Russia to exterminate the Islamists in Syria, then so be it… The time is now.



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