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As the migrant crises continues to swamp the developed world by immeasurable proportions, the political class continues to shove its views down the throats of the general public to no avail. Time and time again the peoples of Europe have spoken at the ballot box and via referendums, that they do not see it in their best interests to be governed by international organizations, who are hell bent on globalization, and the destruction of nation states.

Yet at the end of the day, what matters is how we got here in the first place. We can go all the way back to the illegal invasion and occupation of the Iraqi Republic in 2003. President George W. Bush was obsessed with doing what his father failed to do, and wanted Saddam Hussein removed from power, regardless of the foreign policy ramifications it would cause. Lies were told about weapons of mass destruction, terrorists being funded by President Hussein, and Al Qaeda operating out of Iraq. All of these claims were flat out lies. Unfortunately the British government, led by the Labour PM, Tony Blair…assisted in this neoconservative decapitation of a sovereign State.

– President Saddam Hussein

After the invasion, the Iraqi armed forcers were dissolved, and Iraq fell into chaos. As so typical of the globalists, they failed to comprehend that this would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the process. Out of the ashes of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a new army was formed. This was Al Qaeda in Iraq, now known as the Islamic State. Such an organization would not exist if it were not for the overthrow of President Hussein.

In 2010 & 2011┬áthe Arab Spring was sweeping North Africa and the Middle East. The totalitarian government of Egypt fell, only to be quickly replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, who seized power via the ballot box. In Libya, Prime Minister Cameron joined President Hollande and Barack Obama in a bombing campaign against Gaddafi…disregarding the fact that Libya had already surrendered all materials that could have been used to build a nuclear bomb. As so typical of NATO in the post Cold War era, they only attack nations without the bomb, and/or the support of Russia and China.


– Colonel Gaddafi
What were the ramifications of the overthrow of Gaddafi’? Islamist terrorists have taken over a majority of the country, and the Islamic State now controls Gaddafi’s old hometown of Sirte, on the Mediterranean. This is just another example of a flawed foreign policy that has no benefits worth speaking of.
We were told that President Assad had to be overthrown in Syria. If not, we would be complicit in the deaths of innocent civilians. This of course disregards the fact that it’s President Assad who ensures that minorities are protected by the Syrian State. This is the same President Assad who at this very minute is fighting tooth and nail to prevent Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State from committing genocide in Damascus, and the mountains of Latakia.The folly of western foreign policy is that NATO, the European Union, and the United States are of the belief that we must nation build, and export democracy to the Middle East. This of course ignores the fact that every time elections are free in the Arab world, fanatics get elected. I.e. Iraq, Lebanon, & Egypt. Removing dictators who provided security and stability has only given rise to Islamist terrorist organizations who are determined to liquidate us at any cost. To ignore this fact is to ignore reality. My friends, ignorance in this regard will only ensure our downfall at the hands of these barbarians.

As we speak, Jobbik, a neo nazi party is at 26% in the polls in Hungary, and growing at a rapid pace. Other more tempered and less extreme nationalist parties are growing at an unprecedented speed throughout the European constituent, and are polling in first place. Examples of this being the Front National, Geert Wielders’ Party for Freedom, the Austrian Freedom Party, the Swiss People’s Party, & the Sweden Democrats.

Austrian nationalists are preparing for an ‘October Revolution’ in Vienna, where they are projected to receive one third of the vote in the local elections. Why is this? After a myriad of foreign policy boondoggles, the globalists wish to invite in all of those who have been left homeless as a result of the incompetent foreign interventions NATO has participated in. Ladies and gentleman, as much as my heart goes out to the impoverished in the Arab world, it is absurd to assume that the developed nations of Europe can not only pay for all of these asylum seekers, but also expect them to assimilate, or at the very least integrate.

– Austrian Freedom Party

We have all heard stories of the crimes in the ghettos of Sweden and France. Crime is rampant in the areas where these people settle. Their children are taken advantage of by terrorists for recruitment purposes, and our security services have proved to be inept. Until such problems are dealt with in a proper manner, it would be a disservice to the people’s of Europe to permit millions of homeless people from the Arab world into Europe.

It is ideal to have a flourishing Middle East, where Iraq and Libya are as prosperous as Qatar and Bahrain. However, this can never be achieved as long as we continuously interfere in the foreign affairs of Arab States when it is not in our national interests. We must stop undermining President Assad, and we need to secure the Mediterranean, refuse to allow more refugees into Europe, with the possible exceptions of limited numbers of Yazidis, Alawites, and Christians. In this regard, we should work with President Putin, to see if accommodations can be made for some of these people in Russia, and the former Soviet Republics.

With a new approach to foreign policy, cooperation with the Russian Federation, and an approach to the refugee crises resembling that of Australia’s, we can certainly turn back the tide. Time is of the essence. A new age is upon us. The question is, which side will you be on?

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