Partia KORWiN Is Poland’s Future


The establishment press wants you to believe that the election results in Poland from this past Sunday are a great triumph for eurosceptics. They want you to believe that the Law and Justice Party is opposed to the European Union, and that they will push for withdrawal. Such claims are nothing more than falsehoods.

If the Law and Justice party wanted withdrawal from the European Union, then it would have stayed in the EFDD, or joined Madame Le Pen’s Europe of Nations and Freedom. Instead it joined the Europe of Conservatives and Reformists, which is a front for lukewarm parties who do not want EU withdrawal, yet complain about the European Union. Nothing is eurosceptic about that position.

Why is the Telegraph, the Guardian, and other failing papers making the claim that the Law and Justice party is eurosceptic? Perhaps those who wrote the stories are very intelligent people who just made a mistake? Wait…who are we kidding? If the people at the Guardian were intelligent they wouldn’t support the Labour Party, and if those individuals at the Telegraph were smart, then they would all back the United Kingdom’s immediate withdrawal from the European Union.

What isn’t being reported is the rise of Partia KORWiN, led by the most colourful politician in Poland, Mr. Korwin Mikke. Partia KORWiN supports immediate withdrawal from the EU, massive spending cuts, the elimination of the minimum wage, an armed citizenry, the legalization of marijuana, and the restoration of the Polish Monarchy.

According to the IPSOS exit poll, among 18-29 year olds, KORWiN secured 16,8% of the vote. Among students in University, 21% voted for Partia KORWiN. This is in stark contrast to their showing among the elderly. Among those over the age of 59, KORWiN took just 0,6% of the vote. Yes, less than 1%. It seems that just about everyone raised before the fall of communist rule in 1989, has been brainwashed into beliving that surrending national sovereignty to supernational organizations and foreign powers is acceptable.

When those over the age of 59 are no longer among the living, Poland will move to the real right.

What do I mean by that?

A Poland that is not governed by the Law and Justice party….which promises to give out more welfare benefits to buy votes.

A Poland where taxes are low.

A Poland that has a responsible government that does not spend money it does not have.

A Poland that is free and independent once more. Where Poles can stand tall and express their pride.

Partia KORWiN may have fallen 0,3% short of entering the Polish Sejm, but no matter. Come the 2019 EU election, and the next Polish general election, KORWiN will surge in support. The youth understand that free markets, national sovereignty, and competence are what’s needed in Poland. Even on foreign affairs, KORWiN understands that President Assad is needed in Syria now more than ever. They oppose the U.S. hegemony, and aren’t fond of NATO.

Mr. Korwin Mikke is an elderly man, but this is a movement that will not die when he passes away. His deciple, Mr. Wipler will likely lead the charge, and God willing will one day be Prime Minister.

As hope fades in the West…as the Islamisation of Western Europe continues and the EU destroys countless economies, look to the East. Look to Poland, Hungary, and Russia. Partia KORWiN doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to just the Polish people. It should matter to all of us. This is a fight for the survival of the civilized world. This is the century where we fight for our survival against those who wish to oppress us under the yoke of NATO, the EU, and the Sharia. Victory is far from certain, but it’s a fight worth fighting for.


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