NATO Is No Longer Necessary


Nato was founded in 1949 as a collective defense against the Soviet Union and its puppets. Do we really need to continue a military alliance of this kind in this day and age? Berliners tore down the Berlin Wall in 1989. Since then it has been abundantly clear that Russia poses no significant threat to the West as long as hardline communists are not occupying the Kremlin. Since the rise of Vladimir Putin in 1999, there’s no doubt that the communists will not be able to come to power in Russia once more.

Presently there are 28 nations which are members of NATO, and one of them is unfortunately Turkey. This means that when a nation attacks the Turks, we are obligated to come to their defense. Why should the West ever come to the aid of the Turks in the 21st century? The fact is we shouldn’t, and here’s why.

1. President Erdogan is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. When Mohammad Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian government in a coup d’├ętat, the Turkish government hosted numerous events discussing how the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to take back control of Egypt. Erdogan is also known as a follower of Necmettin Erbakan, the most prominent Islamist born in Turkey.

2. Turkey has given aid to the Libyan General Congress, which is the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in the country. The General Congress illegally occupies Tripoli, and most of the western half of the country.

3. Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) has been aided time and time again by the Turkish government. Kurdish forces claim that Turkish troops intentionally let Al Nusra fighters cross the Turkish/Syrian border to attack them.

4. Erdogan acts as if he’s the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. As President Assad said to Charlie Rose, Erdogan is a megloamaniac. Erdogan wants to further destabilize the region by removing President Assad, and continiously persecutes the Kurdish minority with brutal police state tactics.

5. If Turkey gets into a war with a newly created Kurdistan State, then the other 27 NATO members are obligated to come to the aid of the Turks.

6. Turkey has done nothing to prevent waves of economic migrants from leaving Turkey to Europe. These migrants as a whole refuse to integrate, they ghettoize their new communities in Europe, rape girls, and attempt to impose the Sharia on the general populous.

All of these reasons show that continuing a military alliance with the Turkish government is nothing less than insanity. Since it’s next to impossible to kick a country out of NATO, the next best thing is to destroy NATO. It’s an organisation which kowtows to the United States’ warmongers, and is a front for illegal interventions around the globe.

European political parties from across the political spectrem should adopt a policy of immediate withdraw from NATO. We have seen how NATO countries destabilized Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and now Yemen. All of these failed interventions have occurred in the past fourteen years.

Russia and the former members of the Warsaw Pact are no longer a threat to the West. In fact, many of those former Warsaw Pact members are now a part of NATO.

Instead of forming massive military alliances, nations should learn to have humble foreign policies, where they only intervene in a country when expressely asked to do so by the government of said country. Once this becomes more widespread, we will witness less militaristic boondoggles by the West.


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