Nationalists Surge In Austria Regional Election


HC Strache, leader of the Le Pen allied Austrian Freedom Party, scored a tremendous result in the regional election in Upper Austria this past Sunday.

With 100% of the ballots counted the Freedom Party received a record 30.36% of the vote.

Christian Democrats: 36.37%. 316,290 votes. -10.39% from 2009. 21 seats.

Austrian Freedom Party: 30.36%. 263,985 votes. +15.29%. 18 seats.

Socialists: 18.37%. 159,753 votes. -6.57%. 11 seats.

Greens: 10.32%. 89,703 votes. +1.14%. 6 seats.

No other party passed the 5% threshold. Turnout was 81.63%.

This is a damning shockwave that has hit the Austrian political class, and will likely be replicated in 13 days time when the Viennese head to the polls for their local elections, in what the Freedom Party has dubbed… the October Revolution.

Austria is currently governed by a black/red coalition of the centre-right Christian Democrats, and the centre-left Social Democrats.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is planning to meet with the leader of the Freedom Party in his visit to Vienna. This has been met with trepidation from the Christian Democrats, due to the staunch opposition the Freedom Party has to the Islamification of Austria.

Polls show the Freedom Party at 33% for the next general election. These are their highest poll numbers in their 59 year history.

Earlier this year, Mr. Strache formally aligned his Freedom Party with the Front National in the European Parliament.

After the 2009 EU elections, the Freedom Party MEPs attempted to join the UKIP led EFD grouping in the European Parliament. Nigel Farage blocked them from doing so with the aid of a slim majority of MEPs within the group.

Turnout was a record 81.63% Now let that sink in….81.63% turnout for a regional election.

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