Islamism Threatens Our Existence

Berlin Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attacks in Akara and Berlin are not only attacks against Western Civilisation, but against all who are vehemently opposed to the barbaric nature of fanatics who wish to shove Islamism down the throats of our people.

It is an abomination that our weak and incompetent ‘leaders’ are incapable of standing firm against terror, but it should not surprise any of us. For too long we have watched innocent civilians die at the hands of butchers, while the media and politicians caution the public, and tell them not to jump to conclusions. God forbid a member of the public says that it was an act of terror, before her Excellency, the horror of Europa, Angela Merkel makes a public statement. The time has come where we must ignore the comments of weak and ineffective leeches who hold power merely because the masses elected them. The masses being people who seemingly know nothing about policy, history, or reason.

At present, we are governed by the worst of men, who have no authority other than that given to them by the ignorant and the foolish. How are we to take back power from such treacherous beings? Education. Only through education, we will be able to turn the tide. Whether that be through social media, homeschooling, or churches, it’s of utmost importance that we act rapidly if we are to have any hope at all. In Deutschland, Alternative for Germany should be polling well over 30%, yet it seems to be a miracle if they ever reach 15% in the polls. Why? War guilt. Over the past seven decades, the German youth have been indoctrinated to feel shame and to look with scorn upon their entire past, and not just the twelve years they were governed by the Nazis. In doing so, the German people as a whole have become vulnerable. When the weaklings control society, it is as if one is watching wood thrown upon a fire. Eventually, the fire becomes so powerful that nothing in the forest is salvageable. Germany is reaching this point of no return, and it is an abomination. Go along and sing your Christmas carols and drink your hot chocolate(as if that will be legal for long), for the Islamists shall come knocking eventually. As millions upon millions of Islamists flood into Europe, so few of the European people do anything at all to stop this invasion which has reached astounding proportions.

Violence spreads when weak and ineffective people allow their country to be taken over. It is only natural when one feels shame for one’s culture that it is washed away for good. At the rate this is going, there will be nothing left of civilised Europe other than what one can find on YouTube or a history book. It’s quite possible that Deutschland is lost, but at least Austria is not. Norbert Hofer took more than 46% of the vote in the second round of the Austrian presidential election this month, and the Freedom Party is projected to take 35% of the vote in the National Assembly elections next year. I expect that they will go into coalition with the Christian Democrats, which God willing shall ensure that Heinz-Christian Strache is the next Prime Minister. One of his first orders of business must be to implement draconian immigration controls on Turkey. Failure to do so will be a betrayal to his voters, and a death sentence for his people.

Europe must rise, and it is Austria that must lead the way. Marine Le Pen is not going to win the French presidential election, and the Dutch will not permit Wilders’ PVV to form a coalition government with him at the helm, even if he does come in first place. It’s Austria or bust for continental Europe. HC Strache, our hope is that you will lead the way, and God willing you shall be victorious. In the meantime, we must ensure that Britain does leave the EU, which must mean leaving the single market, freeing itself from all EU law, and implementing sensible immigration policies. Every single time a terrorist attack is committed against the civilised world, make sure to remember that your countries are surrendered one by one by those who care not for national sovereignty. If you want to change it, you must get out and vote, and if physically able, you must campaign. Failure to do so is unacceptable, and quite frankly disgraceful. Take a stand, and fight for a free and independent society of nation states governed by the rule of law. It’s now or never.

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