Freedom Of Speech Is Under Threat

When man is not permitted to exercise his fundamental right to speak freely, ignorance becomes more accepted and commonplace.

Radical Islamists and socialists are constantly taking to the streets and protesting against everything under the sun. Islamists call for the death of man made law, socialists call for stealing more capital from the wealthy, and liberals condemn anyone who dares to speak out against uncontrolled migration.

Yet when one criticizes Islam, socialism, uncontrolled deficit spending, and corporate welfare; fanatical protesters take to the streets hounding for blood.

Laws are currently on the books throughout Europe to prevent what some call ‘hate speech’. If an organisation marches through a street carrying swastikas, the police in many countries will arrest those individuals for promoting hate. Unsurprisingly in modern day Europe, Islamists can march through the streets of London calling for Buckingham palace to be turned into a mosque, cheering the death of British soldiers, burning poppies, and attacking women for not covering their entire bodies.

Why does this double standard exist?

For the entrenched left wing establishment, freedom of speech is a one way street. These hypocritical bureaucrats are terrified of their opponents speaking their minds, for the leftist elitists know that the vast majority of their beliefs hold no water whatsoever.

Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are prime examples of nationalist politicians who have been put on trial by the left for speaking their minds in regards to Islam.

Why are leftists not put on trial for attacking politicians?

Why aren’t Islamists arrested for calling for all non Muslims to convert or die?

Evidently freedom of speech does not apply to those who are not politically correct. It’s not politically correct to condemn Islam, yet when one criticizes Israel, it is politically correct. When it comes to both Israel and Islam, I have little to say that’s positive. One shouldn’t feel threatened if one speaks up about his opinion on one these issues, yet is left alone by the pc police on the other.

All hope is not lost though. In time the left may lose power to the nationalists. If one looks at the polls in the Netherlands, France, and Austria we see the rise of non politically correct parties polling in first place. The best arena at the present time to fight those opposed to free speech is at the ballot box.

When sensible leadership comes back to some of the European countries, it must become the duty of elected politicians to protect free speech whether they concur with it or not. If an individual is not calling for violence or an overthrow of the State, than his speech must be protected. Corresponding with this, a complete overhaul of the education system must come about. Students must learn that they need to respect the rights of others to express their opinions even if they find them ludicrous. As long as their views are not a threat to society, then they must not have their freedom of speech infringed upon.

Life isn’t about being protected from the views of others because their views hurt your feelings. If you’re afraid of your feelings being hurt then you need a serious reality check. Speak your mind, and don’t let the politically correct sheep get in your way. They’re sheep, and your a wolf. Enjoy your meal.

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