Europe Must Confront Islam

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Victory in Europe in 1945 gave birth to the weakest of men. Political parasites ceding their nations away to special interests which are hell-bent on the destruction of the nation-state. Such people are not only enemies of the nation, but of all humanity. It is these people, who turn a blind eye to the systematic invasion and soon to be the eradication of the civilised world through mass uncontrolled migration from cultures which are not simply alien, but deadly. One sees this on the streets of Europe, where entire sections of cities have been ghettoised beyond recognition. Islamist hordes preaching terror roam free, yet those who dare to question this are considered criminals and are ostracised by the police, which is no longer a protector of the general public, but an enabler of the corrupt and criminal elements which control Whitehall, Brussels, and Paris. 

The only remedy to this is one that is swift, radical, and virtuous. Calling for “reform” and a more satisfactory electoral system will go on deaf ears. You will be ignored, for you ask for little, and demand nothing of importance. Throughout European history, the strong have always prospered when the weak grovel and whine. Did the misguided Parisians grovel when they yearned for their misguided utopian republican government? No, they went to the barricades and vanquished those before them. Did King Sobieski cower at the prospect of the Muslim conquest of Vienna? No, his Polish cavalry rode out to meet the savage invaders and sent them back from whence they came. 

Countless generations may have been neutered by the weak and feckless who run society, but the day will come when they pay dearly for their apathy and laziness. Either Europeans rise up to defend what is left of their cultures, or they will watch as piece by piece of what is theirs is taken forever. Radical action is needed, now the question is how to bring this about. Economic crises would be the most opportune moment, for this is when the apathetic multitude which roams the earth typically awakes from its slumber. Whether or not this will come in time to save certain parts of  Europe is to be seen, but that depends on where one resides. 

Britain is one of the most threatened nations, along with France. London, Luton, and Birmingham all on the brink, as white Britons move out of the cities, and fanatical Islamists move in and put up shop so they may obtain job seekers allowance, set up Sharia courts, and swindle the taxpayer out of as much money as possible. UKIP MEP Gerard Batten has suggested in the past that the British government should ban the construction of new mosques. This would be a welcome start, yet would do little. A complete ban on all Muslims entering the country would need to be implemented, along with the mandatory repatriation of all Muslims who lack citizenship within the country which they reside. Following this, all welfare for the Muslims who are citizens would be eliminated, in a bid to encourage voluntary resettlement abroad. 

Yes, these policies are even more radical than what Anne Marie Waters is even offering in her bid for the leadership of UKIP, yet one must recognise that they are necessary, and should have been implemented long ago. Without swift action, the Islamic population will continue to grow at such a rate that there will be no going back. This is what the leftists want. British people becoming a minority on the British Isles. Reverse discrimination and racial replacement are what they yearn for, even when those that they bring from afar, are ironically the most intolerant people of all. Failure to address the reality of the situation is just as criminal as those Islamists who wish to destroy civil society. It’s time to awake before they start throwing gays from the rooftops in London.




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