Politicians have neglected their responsibility to the people’s of Europe to protect them from all domestic and foreign terrorists. Instead of protecting the citizenry, politicians have cared more about the economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

In fact these politicians have committed treason. Yes, treason is a harsh word. Given the circumstances of the events on Friday the 13th in Paris, we should not mince words.

Barbarians have stormed the gates, and are wrecking havoc throughout Europe. Rapists have turned Malmö into a living hell hole where it’s dangerous for ambulances to enter Muslims neighborhoods. In Italy and Greece crime has skyrocketed as African and Arab migrants who are immensely impoverished swamp once magnificent countries. When will it end? What did we do wrong?

It won’t end, and we did everything wrong. The Schengen Agreement which permits open borders among its signatories is a travesty. Most economic liberals spoke of how wonderful it was to have the free movement of goods and services. Naturally the corporatists would say such a thing. Most of them have no loyalty to their heritage, for greed is all that concerns these vultures. As they bought corrupt politicians for life peerages and government contracts, Europe suffered as impoverished migrants from Eastern Europe swamped the West.

Shortly thereafter Muslim migrants took advantage of Schengen and the incompetence of European Heads of State. These migrants are flooding Europe and are offering nothing of significance to benefit their host nations. When one decides to emigrate from his homeland to a civilized foreign nation, he must assimilate, learn the language of the host nation, and in no way should he impose his uncivilized values on the native populace. Rarely do Muslim immigrants comply with any of this. Instead they ghettoize themselves and crime skyrockets.

Nevertheless Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, David Cameron, and the rest of the Presidents and Prime Ministers have betrayed their people. Merkel whines like a little schoolgirl about people who are supposedly racist for simply supporting Alternative for Deutschland, which calls for immigration controls. David Cameron spends more time catering to the Indian Prime Minister than he does protecting Britons from Anjem Choudary and the rest of the terrorists who spread their messages of hate throughout Britain. If Cameron was serious about dealing with these terrorists, then he would demand immediate withdrawal from the EU, support the reintroduction of the death penalty, and call for the Islamist terrorists to be publicly executed for committing high crimes against the Crown.

Cameron will not do any of this though, for he, like President Hollande, is a fool who believes criticizing Islam is akin to racism, even though Islam is not a race.

We’ve had enough of this. We’re fed up with the stupidity of western governments. These same governments who eagerly supported the overthrow of Muammar Gadaffi, and ushered in a Muslim Brotherhood government known as the National Congress, which has refused to relinquish power in Libya. What is occurring at the moment in Libya? Civil War. Even the Islamic State…yes, it is Islamic… Controls hundreds of kilometers along the Libyan coast. What does that mean? The bloody group is not ISIS. It was called ISIS when it was the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria before it was a Caliphate. It’s also not ISIL, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Newsflash David Cameron, I know you’re a coward and blatantly incompetent even though you went to Eton and Oxford, but Libya isn’t in the Levant.

Why do names of terrorist groups matter? Why does history matter? Why does geography matter? All of this matters because if you don’t understand any of it, you will continue to make idiotic decisions. If you fail to comprehend this, then you have no business ever holding a government position of any importance whatsoever.

We are at war, and we are losing this war. The barbarians are storming the gates, indoctrinating the youth with their messages of hate, and terrorizing the peoples of the civilized world. Hope is not lost…not yet anyway. Next month in the 2015 Régionales the French electorate will vote for party lists in the 12 regions of mainland France, as well as Corsica and the overseas territories.

At the present the Front National is polling at 28% nationwide, yet is at 46% in Pas-De-Calais-Picardie region in the Northwest where Marine Le Pen is vying to be President of the Council. In the Southeastern Alps, Marion Le Pen, granddaughter of the infamous Jean Marie Le Pen and niece of Marine is leading the FN list with 38% in the polls, with the fake right wing Republicans at 37%. Divisions exist in the FN, with Marion being the standard bearer of Jean Marie’s wing of the party, and is aligning herself with the old guard of the Front National. Without a doubt, if enough ethnic Frenchmen remain in France, Marion will on day be President of France. Hope is not lost for the French, but the circumstances are still dire.

Given the recent events in Europe, especially in Paris, it’s high time we bring back the death penalty, apprehend all supporters of Islamist terrorist organizations, and hang them from the lampposts. After that we should bomb every inch of Raqqa until no living soul is left. No quarter must be shown, no mercy given.

As my hero Julius Caesar once said, “Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.”

The Islamists are the cowards.


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