Democracy Will Bring About War In Europe


A country without borders is a country no more. When a government forfeits its duty to protect its flock, it no longer has legitimacy. Therefore it is the duty of the strong willed to rise to the occasion, and bring down the despotic horde which the masses elected. Democracy is suicidal when the citizenry is ignorant. If one is to depend on overthrowing the status quo through the ballot box, one must have an educated populous. If the populous lacks intelligence, then it has forfeited its right to elect a government. At this point those with vision must take the reins of power through whatever means available. Only then will the nation be protected from enemies within and without.

At the present the people’s of Europe are goverend by democratically elected henchmen who are willingly dismantling the nation states. National sovereignty is an abomination to these tyrants. Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and David Cameron are just three of the culprits who have sold their nations down the river for economic gain. They care more about globlisation, than they do about the survival of their own countries. For them, accession of Turkey into the European Union would be spectacular. It would further drive down the cost of labour, result in more multiculturalism, and bring about a rise in crime. This in turn would give them ample opportunity to usher in a more powerful police state than we have seen in Europe since the fall of the communist governments who were members of the Warsaw Pact. Everything must be done to ensure that Turkey is not only prevented from joining the European Union, but that its terrorist government in Ankara is removed from power.

What is the solution to dealing with these traitors?

Clearly elections will not remove them from power. We can talk about how wonderful it is that Geert Wilders has the support of one in every four Dutchmen, or that the Front National is polling at 30% in France. Frankly none of that really matters. Sure, it can make us feel like we’re making a difference, but if policy does not change, then election results are meaningless as the invasion continues.

If the present pace toward the destruction of nation states continues, then revolution will come. We do not ask for it. It is not in our interest to see armed conflict between people’s that should be able to compromise over a negotiation table. Unfortunately the globalists do not want to negotiate. They want to destroy our countries, and usher in a new age of corporatism, where the bankers and the politicians are one in the same. We have already experianced this in Italy and Greece, where democratically elected governments were replaced by technocrats who did the bidding of the corrupt bankers and the European Union.

Given that our adversaries do not want peace, there can only be war. God willing we will be able to remove the globalists through peaceful means, but I doubt this will be successful. This does not mean that were shold stop contesting elections. On the contrary, we must contest elections so that were are well organised to take the reins of power when the time comes.

New governments must be formed which respect national sovereignty, the rule of law, are oppossed to supernationalism, and hold the bankers accountable for exploiting the citizenry of each respective country. A Europe where NATO and the European Union no longer exist, where countries can make their own trade policies, instead of having unelected beaurcrats running the show. This a dream that Europe has seen before. Prior to the First World War national sovereignty existed. Yes, it was not perfect. Poland was not free and independent, and the Balkans had ethnicities living together in the same countries, when they cannot coexist peacefully with each other. Since then we’ve learned from such mistakes.

This vision we must implement will alter Europe in a way which would benefit all people. The Hungarian speaking parts of southern Slovenia should be annexed by Hungary. Catalonia must have the right to be free and independent. Flanders should be able to decide if it wants to be part of Belgium or not. More nations, the decentralisation of power to individual countries, and the destruction of supernational organisations which threaten the survival of nation states will bring about a renaissance in Europe which has not been seen in ages.

As I said before, do not expect elections to bring about these changes. The European Union and the democratically elected supernationalists throughout Europe want conflict. They have planted the seeds with uncontrolled migration from Africa and Asia. The seeds of war are growing, and when the trees are grown, we must be ready to chop them down.

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