Austria’s Presidential Election Is Only A Small Setback

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Austrians may have voted against Mr Hofer in the Austrian Presidential Election, but his defeat is merely a small setback for the nationalist Freedom Party(FPÖ). Before October 2017, Austrians will head to the polls to vote in the parliamentary elections, which will be a victory for the FPÖ, and will signal the beginning of the end of Austrian membership within the European Union. Current polls have the FPÖ at 35%, with the Social Democrats hovering at 25%, and the Christian Democrats averaging 19%.

The Christian Dems have already said that they will go into a coalition government with whichever party comes in first place, thus respecting the will of the electorate. Unlike in Germany and France, the centre-right is not opposed to working with nationalists, and has already entered into coalition governments with the FPÖ on the state level over the past few years, and formed a national government with the FPÖ in 2000.

EU officials and Angela Merkel will surely condemn an FPÖ government, but the days of threatening to impose sanctions on a nationalist government have ended. We have entered a new era, where elements of both the bourgeoisie and the proletariat have risen against the political elite in a bid to reassert their national sovereignty as a last ditch effort to save themselves from global governance.

Leftists and a myriad of centre-right politicians and pundits are celebrating the presidential defeat of the FPÖ, but this should not concern us. One must look at how far we have come. Just five years ago the nationalists took a mere 15% in the first round of the Presidential election, compared to 35% this year. While those who sneer at national sovereignty did not expect such a showing, they indeed have now come to expect defeat after they failed to prevent a Leave vote in the Brexit referendum and watched as Prime Minister Renzi’s government imploded in spectacular fashion due to his failed attempt to implement constitutional reform.

Now we have other elections at hand. Alan Juppe was thankfully defeated in his bid to represent the Republican Party of France in the French presidential election. Francois Fillon, the candidate for the Republicans, is known for his Thatcherite policies and pledged that if elected, he will eliminate 600k public sector jobs. Geert Wilders will come in first or second place in the Netherlands, thus making it difficult for centre-right Liberals to form a government in a country where as many as a dozen parties may have representation in the next parliament.

Germany will be a success story for the elite in the short term, for Merkel will win yet another mandate as Prime Minister. No matter, if the Germans wish to prop up the weak and dying economies of Southern Europe, then so be it. If they want to take in untold numbers of economic migrants from underdeveloped nations in Africa and Central Asia, then they will reap what they sow. In time they will watch as their economy falters, for they cannot prop up the South forever. The EU and the globalist elite are holding onto a system which is passing into the void. When it’s gone, we shall have national sovereignty once more. Until then, the fight for justice and self-determination continues.

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