Anne Marie Waters for Leader of UKIP. ENDORSEMENT

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Throughout this leadership campaign, we have seen a clear divide between the establishment of this party, and those who wish to preserve the remnants of western civilization, regardless of whether it sounds politically correct or not.

Only Anne Marie has the groundswell of public backing from outside of the party to increase UKIP’s support. Whether it be on social media, at anti-Islamist demos, or via her media appearances, it is clear that she is by far the most popular leadership candidate outside of the party.

We must also understand that supporting Anne Marie is not just simply supporting a candidate; it is supporting an idea, belief, a yearning for a return to normalcy as the entire West suffers from the systematic invasion of uncontrolled migration and militant Islam which wishes to force us under the Sharia.

Anne Marie has rightfully pointed out that internal squabbling over the NEC is of no interest to the British public, and will not increase support for the party. Her calls for policies which the average person cares about is what all societies need. The public must always have statesmen who will look out for the general welfare of the people, whether it be ensuring that they have clean air and water, safe streets, or access to affordable transportation. Harking on about internal direct-democracy will not resonate with the public.

Some say that Anne Marie is hard-headed, will not be able to work with other members of the party, that the MEPs will resign en masse if she is elected, and that she is a racist, a fascist, a bigot, and a communist to boot. The allegations are farcical and show the fear that UKIP elitists have.

Even if the vast majority of MEPs resign, and we are only left with Stuart Agnew and Gerard Batten, who bloody cares. Can more than one percent of the general public even name half of the UKIP MEPs? Of course not. They have never been able to do so, and they never will, because it is not a concern to their everyday lives.

Additionally, we may be better off with MEPs leaving a year and a half before they are made redundant. Stuart Agnew MEP, who is Anne Marie’s choice to be Deputy Leader, has said at leadership hustings that the vast majority of MEPs have flat out refused to contribute to the party even though they have signed documents pledging to do so. We have had MEPs who left the party and refused to stand down from the European Parliament. Prime examples are Steven Woolfe, and Diane James, who I and others warned about here on UKIP Daily and social media, and at branch meetings while I was a chairman. The hyenas demanded support for Woolfe and James, and look what it brought us.

It soon came to fruition that those so-called representatives were not fit for purpose. Now we have other MEPs who backed Woolfe and James telling us who can not receive our vote. They warn that if we vote for Anne Marie Waters, we will destroy the party. Perhaps they should look at themselves. It is under their watch that the party fell to a mere 1.8% share of the vote, and it had nothing to do with the integration strategy. It had all to do with incompetence within the party, Crowther & Oakden running it into the ground, two leadership campaigns, and a failure to win in Stoke.

We watched as the party tore itself to shreds in 2016, with members of the youth wing posting photos of themselves online with firearms joking about shooting members of the NEC, simply due to Steven Woolfe rightfully having been prevented from standing in the September leadership election as a result of his incompetence. Where were the cries of indignation from Mr Farage, most of the MEPs, and others who backed Woolfe? Instead of defending the NEC, they continued to viciously attack it, even though the membership directly elects NEC members.

No matter, it is clear that UKIP cares little for internal democracy, which was proven to be the case in late 2015 when the selection process for candidates for the London Assembly elections was fixed, and the vote was not given to the UKIP London members. Hence why we currently have two UKIP AMs who many do not support because they never choose them to be at the top of the UKIP list and because those two AMs continue to find excuses not to tithe.

The party is rotten down to the core and needs someone who is not beholden to the MEPs and current party elite who have dug it into the ground. With Stuart Agnew as Anne Marie’s Deputy, it is assured that a competent Chairman will be appointed who will put a stop to insidious tendencies of the UKIP establishment who are terrified of candidates getting elected that they do not control. Members of this establishment viciously attacked Neil Hamilton and the NEC for rightfully allowing the Welsh UKIP members to determine who would represent them on the Welsh UKIP list in 2016. In defending Mr Hamilton and the NEC, I had Raheem Kassam who backed Woolfe and James, attacking me on Twitter with vile slurs that I must be sleeping with Hamilton to defend him. (Photos of these Tweets are available if anyone wishes to see them.)

We have even seen in this UKIP leadership election, Anne Marie constantly having to fight off attempts by others who wanted to prevent her from appearing on the ballot in the first place, then she and Mr Agnew had to put Mr Bolton in his place for attempting to remove her. Now we see Mr Bolton’s character witness is Nigel Farage. How interesting and troubling. Farage has the gall to tell the media that UKIP will die if we become an anti-Islam party, yet works in the shadows to remove the only inspiring leadership candidate while he fails to directly come out into the open to make his case to our membership for why he believes Anne Marie Waters should not be Leader.

In addressing Mr Farage’s absurd comment on UKIP dying if we become anti-Islam, he is simply wrong. According to Pew Research, which is one of the most respected polling firms in the world, as of 2016, 28% of the British public has a negative view of Islam. Yes, it is not the 72% that it is in Hungary or the 69% that it is in Italy, but it is still a higher percentage than UKIP has ever achieved in a national election, and is a number that will surely grow once the Islamic attacks against innocent civilians escalate even further.

As stated before, the party is rotten to the core, and its salvation is with Anne Marie Waters as Leader, Agnew as Deputy, and a competent Chairman which I have full confidence in Ms Waters appointing. A departure of the majority of MEPs is no loss. Agnew and Batten are the ones most worth keeping.

Vote for Anne Marie Waters, for a radical and vibrant United Kingdom Independence Party.

The morning will come and the world shall see,
tomorrow belongs to us.

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