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Born in Russia in 1957, Alexander came to Britain in the 1960s with his mother and his stepfather. In 1979 he returned to Russia to study at the Moscow State University for International Relations, where he read politics, international law and economics. Alexander then worked for TASS, the Soviet press agency, first as a reporter and later as a political correspondent. After moving to TASS’s London office in 1989, Alexander covered major events in Britain and Europe, interviewing leading politicians, entertainers and even members of paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland, Alexander investigated high-level corruption, tracked down mafia bosses and uncovered international criminal activity.In the mid 1990s Alexander traveled the world as a troubleshooter for the Kremlin.

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Remembering The War Dead. And Not Learning Any Lessons From It

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: Call me a cynic, but I could never understand the purpose of all those sombre occasions when politicians, of all people, gather together to honour the dead servicemen who have lost their lives in wars, both past and present. Like that supposedly moving memorial service that would take place at […]

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Talking About Nuclear Non-Proliferation. In A Cynical Sort Of Way

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: The mess that America, Britain, France and their allies in the Middle East have created in the region and in the neighbouring North Africa is absolutely huge. The current state of things in Libya alone says it all really. And they can call their interventions whatever they like: exporting democracy, […]

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Of Dogs And Lamp Posts. And Journalists And Politicians

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: There’s no way elected politicians should ever be allowed to be newspaper columnists, or write articles on a regular basis in newspapers. It goes against the concept of a proper relationship between the media and politicians that in an ideal world should resemble the way a dog treats a lamp […]

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Let’s Have Football World Cups Run Longer. And Happen More Often

Alexander Nekrassov writes: As the World Cup in Russia approaches, well sort of approaches as there are still nearly 1000 days left, let me throw a juicy bone to all you millions of people who have no interest in football whatsoever: why not push for staging the World Cup more often, not every four years […]

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How Come The Current Bank Of England Governor Is A Foreigner And A Former Goldman Sachs Man?

Alexander Nekrassov reports from the City of London: You know what’s really weird about the current Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, who is now telling us that the inflation rate in Britain is- wait for it – zero percent? (Come on, Mark, go visit a supermarket for once instead of your house […]

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Here’s A Great Idea For Hollywood: Why Not Make A Comedy About Charles Darwin The Charlatan

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: Here’s a great idea for Hollywood: why not make a hilarious comedy about Charles Darwin the charlatan? Darwin, The Sting, can be fun for the whole family and have lots of cute animals in it, including that chimp Jenny that lived in Darwin’s house for many years and gave him […]

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Imagine A Live Commentary On The Radio. About People Having Sex

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: Imagine how a live radio commentary about people having sex might sound on the airwaves: First Commentator (FC): Well, John, the big day has arrived. Freddy has finally found the strength and enthusiasm to satisfy his wife, Lucy, after a relatively uneventful start to their mating season. Second Commentator (SC): […]

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It Always Makes Sense To Ridicule Politicians, Especially The Ones In Power.

Alexander Nekrassov writes from London: All politicians are liars and cheats and are incompetent in everything they do. Period. Otherwise they would have had a proper job and made some money out of it. But no, the weasels actually try to make it look as if they join politics driven by desire to improve things […]

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Why Don’t We Have A Proper Superhero For A Change? Like The Politically Incorrect Man, Or Woman

Nekrassov writes from New York: Yes, superheroes, those weird creatures in silly looking costumes, with tiny penises that don’t even show through their tights, what is the point of them? I know, I know, they were created primarily for kids and for the simpletons who like to dip their tiny IQs into stories of the […]

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The Internet Is A Good Idea? You Must Be Kidding!

Alexander Nekrassov reports from London: Let’s be cynical for once, let’s ask ourselves this: did Tim Berners-Lee, he’s actually a ‘Sir’ now, realise when he came up with his concept of the Wold Wide Web what sort of monster he was unleashing on the world 25 years ago or was he totally oblivious to it […]

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