The Internet Is A Good Idea? You Must Be Kidding!


Alexander Nekrassov reports from London: Let’s be cynical for once, let’s ask ourselves this: did Tim Berners-Lee, he’s actually a ‘Sir’ now, realise when he came up with his concept of the Wold Wide Web what sort of monster he was unleashing on the world 25 years ago or was he totally oblivious to it and, just like many other people, thought it was a cool thing to create a gigantic net which would be free to access for anyone?

The word ‘free’ should be a giveaway to easily excitable people who think that it’s a great concept. It ain’t, if you think about it, it’s a hideous arrangement which has been hijacked by the worst sort of people from the word go, primarily by US Big Brother with his intelligence agencies, by big business and banks and the nerds who all got loads of taxpayers’ money to create their respective networks – on the promise to return the favour in the future.

In fact, the negative sides to the World Wide Web overshadow its so-called advantages to such an extent that it beggars belief how co many people fell so easily for this trick.

Where do I start about the negative stuff? Well, first of all the web makes a joke out of people’s privacy and allows Big Brother, in all his incarnations, and all sorts of other groupings and collectives to gather any information they like. Not forgetting that the web is a God’s send to con-artists and organised gangs that get access to sensitive financial information, conning millions of unsuspecting people out of their money. And as for dodgy companies that appear on the web posing as respectable suppliers of goods and services, their numbers are growing all the time.

And then there is the porn and the access to it that the web provides to millions of children who shouldn’t be looking at that sort of stuff really. Nor forgetting child porn and the sick and twisted bastards and whole paedophile rings who exchange these sickening graphic images that are produced in vast numbers by organised gangs. How many of these networks have been operating freely for years, even though the web operators could have easily shut them down? Loads. And how many of the online paedophile networks have been going on and on, protected by politicians at the highest level? Loads as well.

Internet porn corrupts and destroys children’s lives. For that alone the web should be treated as a hostile environment and regulated with gusto when it comes to spreading obscene imagery and collecting and selling people’s personal data, an activity that has brought billions to networks that still operate without a care in the world.

And then there’s the false and misleading information that is blatantly posted on the web and presented as if it’s all well-documented and reliable. The web is overflowing with this junk, confusing people and turning the whole ‘educational’ function of the Internet into a joke. History is rewritten on the web practically daily, to suit someone’s vile agendas, and even personal profiles are falsified by all sorts of opportunists and chancers,  to cover up their shady past and dodgy present..

And then  there’s the vicious and relentless, I have no other words for it, advertising on the web that is irritating and annoying and makes no one any wiser about the product on sale or services offered. When you’re trying to find references you need you encounter endless ads thrown at you, making the whole process tiring and ridiculous really.

And, of course, there’s the online gambling, the new menace that ruins millions of lives and tears families apart. Who on earth thinks that gambling online makes sense? Why not play Russian roulette then and blow your brains out in the comfort of your own home, without putting yourself and your family through the extended suffering.

Finally, the myth that you can make lots of money on the web is just that, a myth. This one is a huge con, luring people into all sorts of ‘deals’ that are not really deals at all. If anyone makes money on the web, it’s the big operators and pretty much no one else. You just need to have a quick glance at all those Internet barons to realise what they’re all about.

So I say, don’t exaggerate the role of the web. Treat it as a necessary evil, like the mobile phone.

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