Byron was originally born in the United States, yet graduated from secondary school in Bogota, Colombia. While attending The Catholic University of America from 2011-2013, he interned at Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign headquarters, and for Senator Tim Scott. In 2015 he graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science, and will be attending graduate school in London in 2016, to obtain his MA in International Relations. He enjoys traveling, being extremely politically incorrect, & swimming.

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#NeverTrumpOrHillary Must Hold Firm

May 3rd, 2015, will be forever known as the day the Republican Party turned the guns on herself, and committed political and electoral suicide without reason. It did not have to come to this. Ample options were available to Republicans who wished to express their outrage with the Washington establishment. Rand Paul offered a libertarian […]

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Trump Suffers A String Of Delegate Defeats

Trump was obliterated on Saturday in the delegate process. In Arizona, Trump only won 11 delegate slots out of 55. All delegates are bound to Trump on the first ballot, but 44 out of 55 do not support Trump, and are bound to support Cruz or Kasich on a second ballot. When it came to […]

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Trump Supporters Do Not Comprehend Electability

Ignorance is bliss among those who believe that Trump will be the next President of the United States. Not only are his unfavourabilities through the roof, but he has no realistic shot of winning a general election. Given that this is the case, why are people supporting him? Support for Trump is based on the anger, […]

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How Super Tuesday Unfolds For Republicans

14 states are voting today in the Republican primaries/caucuses. 9 states have primaries where the delegates are bound, 2 states have caucuses where the delegates are bound (Minnesota & Alaska), and 3 states have caucuses with no presidential preference vote. This means people are simply voting for delegates in North Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming. Trump […]

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Republicans Head To The Polls In South Carolina Today

Throughout this boondoggle of a primary, Donald Trump has continuously fed off of the anger of the masses towards the ‘other’. This anger is directed at the Washington establishment, immigrants, and those who dare not drape themselves in the flag with patriotic fervor. Fortunately for him, this is paying off in the short term. South […]

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Kasich Will Come In 2nd In New Hampshire

In a few hours the polls will close in New Hampshire, and Donald Trump will be victorious in his first primary election of the season. Yet at the end of the day we all knew Trump would win New Hampshire as a direct result of the division between the establishment minded voters. Kasich, Christie, Rubio, […]

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Ted Cruz Will Be The Republican Nominee For President

Donald Trump is supposedly the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party as he rises to 40% in recent polling among the twelve Republican presidential candidates. Candidate after the candidate has attacked Trump, yet with each blow Teflon Trump grows stronger. If one watches the Republican establishment, they have already made it crystal clear that they […]

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14 Americans Gunned Down By Muslim Terrorists In California

14 American citizens were gunned down in cold blood by Syeed Farook and other Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino on December 2nd. These terrorists wore tactical gear, had assault rifles, pistols, & pipe bombs. Not only will the leftists play this down, but they will hark on about gun control. San Bernardino is in California, […]

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