Trump Supporters Do Not Comprehend Electability


Ignorance is bliss among those who believe that Trump will be the next President of the United States. Not only are his unfavourabilities through the roof, but he has no realistic shot of winning a general election. Given that this is the case, why are people supporting him?

Support for Trump is based on the anger, hatred, and resentment towards the political class of liberal Republican politicians who have continuously lied to the base. The irony of this is rather laughable, given that Trump is more liberal than the vast majority of the establishment. It’s rather incredulous that Trump supporters vehemently oppose the disastrous Affordable Care Act, yet cheer when Trump says the government will pay to ensure that healthcare is given to everyone in society.

That is just one example of the incompetence of your average Trump supporter, who lacks the intellect to form coherent opinions based on facts and reason.

As this primary season grows closer to a close, Trump continues to win numerous states via the primaries, regardless of the fact that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, and judgement to serve as President.

This should strike fear into the hearts and minds of every sensible conservative, who knows damn well that Mr. Trump trails Secretary Clinton by an average of more than ten percentage points in a general election matchup. For those Trump supporters who do not like facts, I encourage you to look at the Real Clear Politics averages, and then respond with your ignorant, unsophisticated, uneducated nonsense about how you think Trump has a prayer of winning the Electoral College.

Now members of Fox News who only care about ratings, say that we should not be disrespectful to these Trump fanatics. I beg to differ. Anyone who uses their anger to further undermine their own supposed causes is not only a fool, but a direct threat to the principles that the Republic was founded upon. It was the signatories of the Constitution of the United States who warned against Democracy, and praised the values of a Republican form of government, opposed to that of mob rule, where the ignorant masses oppress the minority.


Thomas Jefferson declared: “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”


Benjamin Franklin also had similar concerns of a democracy, and warned that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” 


Unfortunately the United States has been on a steady march toward Democracy, which has only furthered the leftist agenda of the socialists who are hell bent on attacking free enterprise, weakening our national defence, and eliminating national sovereignty.


Quite frankly the masses can’t be trusted.


Lets suppose your average voter had some common sense. Would they not support a conservative Governor of Ohio, who defeats Clinton by double digits nationwide, and crushes her by double digits in states which have not gone Republican since 1988? (Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin)

They would support Kasich if they had common sense. Given that they don’t, they support the most unelectable candidate, who trails Secretary Clinton by double digits. A Donald Trump general election candidacy would guarantee that Democrats hold Nevada and Colorado in the senatorial elections, and pick up Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio. Republicans would also be likely to fail in their endeavour to hold onto Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Hampshire. Handing the Democrats control of the Senate, and Hillary Clinton the White House, will not only ensure four more years of insanity, but would also guarantee that the Supreme Court is controlled by the liberals for the first time since 1991.

Thankfully all is not yet lost. In county, district, and state conventions we have seen Trump obliterated by Cruz forces. Even in South Carolina, where Donald Trump has all fifty delegates pledged to him on the first ballot, as many as forty nine of them will not be his supporters. This is directly due to the fact that party activists and establishment officials are rightfully subverting the will of his supporters by denying Trump delegate slots to the National Convention.

Based on my calculations from states which elect delegates at conventions, it is extremely likely that in at least twenty-six of the fifty states, Trump will have zero or almost zero supporters who are actual delegates to the convention.

The following states are as followed: Maine, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska. South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Washington State, and Alaska.

Texas delegates are not unbound until after a second ballot.

In other states, such as New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon, the majority of the delegates will not be Trump supporters, but Trump will have more than zero or one.

Massachusetts is too early to call, and will depend on cooperation between the Kasich and Cruz camps, which will likely benefit Kasich given that he came in second in the primary.

California elects delegates via a slate. Winner take all by CD, with three in each. The winner of the state wins the at large delegates. Expect Kasich to campaign ferociously in the Bay, with Cruz focusing on the Inland and Orange County.

If Trump fails to win a majority of the delegates in the Massachusetts district and state conventions, and if he fails to win a majority of the delegates in California, then his best case scenario is that his supporters having a majority in sixteen of the fifty state delegations.

The following states are as followed: Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Vermont will depend on the three RNC members, given that the other sixteen delegates are evenly split between Trump and Kasich.

Trump will win the West Virgina primary, but delegates are elected separately on the ballot. Due to the complexities of how many delegates can come from each individual county, and the Trump campaign failing to realise this, it is possible that Cruz ends up electing a decent mount of delegates from WV, yet Trump will likely still have a majority.

This in turn means that Trump will be smoked if he does not obtain the nomination on the first ballot, given that the vast majority of the delegates will vote for the candidate of their choice after a first ballot.

With Cruz locking down state after state at the county, district, and state convention level, this in turn makes it likely he will easily obtain the nomination on the floor, unless Governor Kasich can pull off a miracle.

What will the Trumpsters do if Mr. Trump fails at the convention? Who cares. They ought to be held in utter contempt for their blatant stupidity.

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