Trump Suffers A String Of Delegate Defeats


Trump was obliterated on Saturday in the delegate process. In Arizona, Trump only won 11 delegate slots out of 55. All delegates are bound to Trump on the first ballot, but 44 out of 55 do not support Trump, and are bound to support Cruz or Kasich on a second ballot.

When it came to the Congressional District delegates: Cruz 16, Trump 9, Kasich 2. When it came to the At Large delegates: Cruz/Kasich 26, Trump 2. Cruz and Kasich had a unity slate to defeat Trump, thus making it unclear exactly how many At Large delegates support Cruz, and how many support Kasich. (The 3 RNC delegates are not included in the delegate total)

In Missouri: 24 Congressional District delegates were elected. Just as in every state, 3 come from each CD. Cruz 18, Trump 6. Delegates at the CD conventions also elected delegates to the State Convention, where the delegates will almost certainly elect 30 Cruz At Large delegates. Most delegates are bound to Trump on the first ballot since he won Missouri, but the overwhelming majority will defect on a second ballot.

Virginia: 13 At Large delegates were elected at the State Convention. Trump won the primary, but Party officials and the Cruz camp created a slate with 10 Cruz delegates and only 3 Trump delegates. This slate passed rather easily.

All in all it was disastrous for Trump, who won the primaries in all three of these states, but only came away with 20 out of the 92 delegates available.

Tell us Trump, how badly will you implode next week?

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