Republicans Head To The Polls In South Carolina Today


Throughout this boondoggle of a primary, Donald Trump has continuously fed off of the anger of the masses towards the ‘other’. This anger is directed at the Washington establishment, immigrants, and those who dare not drape themselves in the flag with patriotic fervor.

Fortunately for him, this is paying off in the short term. South Carolina is known for its rebellious streak.

In the Revolutionary War, it was instrumental when the Swamp Fox bogged down General Lord Cornwallis, thus preventing Cornwallis from crushing General Washington before the arrival of the French.

Plantation owners and merchants led South Carolina to be the first state to withdraw from the Union, thus bringing about the Civil War. (The War of Northern Agression as it is commonly known among conservative white southerners.)

Today it rallies behind a new rebel. Ironically he comes from New York, and Yankees from New York have never been beloved in South Carolina.

In 1948, Ret. Major General, Senator Strom Thurmond said…

All the troops in the Army, cannot force the Southern people, to give up segregation, and permit the Ni**eries into our homes, into our swimming pools, into our schools, or into our churches!

Senator Thurmond went on to win South Carolina in the presidential election as an independent that year, with 72% of the vote. The Republicans took just 4% of the vote with Tom Dewey of New York as the standard bearer. As for Democratic President Harry Truman, he came in a distant second with 24%.

Much has changed since 1948. Senator Thurmond joined the Republican Party in the 1960s, and the Republican Party has now become the dominant party in the state. It currently controls both houses of the legislature with grotesque majorities, all statewide offices, & 6 of the 7 congressional districts. (The remaining district being the black majority district held by the Democrats)

Yet anger against anyone who seems to infringe on Carolinians rights is still seen as an abomination, which must be put to a stop.

Thus making it no surprise that Donald Trump is projected to obtain a third of the vote in a six way race today.

If Trump didn’t have fools running his campaign, or if he actually spoke about details whenever he was talking to someone other than Joe Scarborough, then he would be getting more than half the vote.

Trump supporters believe that if they win South Carolina, they’ll run the table. This cannot be further from the truth. We observed how Trump supporters failed to come out en masse to vote in the Iowa caucuses, due to the fact that it means spending an hour listening to speeches and voting, which is something that the overwhelming majority of Iowa Republicans were unable to do out of laziness. Come the caucuses on March 1st, we shall see how weak Trump’s campaign ¬†organisation actually is.

South Carolina will be a great triumph for Donald J. Trump, the reformed social liberal from Nueva York. It will mark the death of the Bush dynasty, and finally put the last nail in the coffin of Ben Carson’s nightmare of a presidential campaign. (It’s really nothing more than a book tour/nap fest for him)

What truly matters is who comes in second in South Carolina, not first. If Cruz comes in second, then Rubio can kiss any chance of being the nominee goodbye. Not only does Rubio have the endorsement of Trey Gowdy, but also the endorsement of Governor Haley, and Senator Scott, who is the only black Republican in the Senate.

The icing on the cake for Cruz is that second place means he came in first in Iowa, third in New Hampshire, and second in South Carolina. And who will he have defeated in all three states? Marco Rubio, the second choice of establishment Republicans, after Jeb Bush.

Now Jeb Bush and Ben Carson may be dumb enough to go on and contest Nevada on Tuesday, but I find it unlikely that both will do this. Unless Bush receives a miracle from Mother Goose and places in the top three, then he needs to get the hell out of the race.

As for Carson, coming in last in both New Hampshire and South Carolina is embarrassing. Now we all know Dr. Carson is nuts. We predicted he would only obtain 2% in New Hampshire, and he outperformed by 0.3% compared to our projection. 2.3%, how marvellous. Expect him to come in last yet again. And when he does, if he doesn’t drop out immediately, then he truly needs his own head examined for once, because his campaign has become a joke. That’s probably why the few black Republicans left avoid him like the plague.

As for the only other candidate, John Kasich….well he should be the victor if people voted with their brain. He’s by far the most electable, and has a superb resume. Cruz has a great resume, but is a gamble against Clinton, and does far worse against Sanders. The other four candidates are a sick joke.

Welcome to politics, where the masses and special interests destroy common sense.

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