#NeverTrumpOrHillary Must Hold Firm


May 3rd, 2015, will be forever known as the day the Republican Party turned the guns on herself, and committed political and electoral suicide without reason. It did not have to come to this. Ample options were available to Republicans who wished to express their outrage with the Washington establishment. Rand Paul offered a libertarian approach with pragmatism, where he has shown success in working with establishment Republicans while holding true to his principles. John Kasich represented not only the most sensible economic policies, but was a man who fought the establishment, worked with them, and won. Without John Kasich we may have not had much success when it came to balancing the federal budget in the late 1990s. Ted Cruz for all his faults at least stood up for what he believed in, regardless of whether it was popular or not. He stood firm, didn’t hit below the belt, and fought honourably.

Fascinatingly enough this was not sufficient for a substantional segment of the Republican electorate. Instead of embracing the Hispanic populace, which brings rich cultures to the United States and treats women as equals… millions of Republicans turned toward a candidate with a history of misogynistic rhetoric. It goes without saying that such rhetoric is unbecoming of any candidate worthy of seeking the office of President of the United States.

Such deviant behaviour is inexcusable, yet the masses cared not. Uneducated, low income, white males came out in droves for Mr. Trump. These people do not care if his protectionist economic policies are not going to pass. They don’t care about the Smoot-Hawley tariffs which plunged the United States into depression when we last had a protectionist Republican in the Oval Office. They don’t care about honesty and integrity. No, what they want is a saviour who sounds like them, and now they have one.

Trump’s character is the epitome of the character of his supporters. Unsurprisingly enough he has been endorsed by klansmen, religious extremists, narcissists, and the most uneducated elected officials (Jane Brewer and Sarah Palin) one could find in the Republican Party. We have seen first hand the insanity of these supporters, and what they represent. It’s not right wing….it’s sheer stupidity. It’s akin to the far-left fanatics who want to hang bankers, nationalise everything under the sun, and punish those who are successful in society. It’s anger turned into hate, which results in chaos if it spreads like wildfire.

Pundits are dismissing Trump’s chances of becoming the next POTUS, and I hope they are correct. Yes, Hillary Clinton is a disgrace, and isn’t worthy of the respect a public servant deserves if they actually serve the public properly. No, she’s abhorrent, and constantly changes her positions based on the polls, but a Clinton presidency we can live with.

Imagine a Trump presidency.

  1. Trump would attempt to pass tariffs, only to see the Freedom Caucus (40 or so constitutional Republicans in the House of Reps) vote against any such proposals. Even if every other Republican supported tariffs, we all know they wouldn’t pass because the Democrats would unify against any such measures. (Former President Grover Cleveland would be proud)
  2. Trump would attempt to pass controversial legislation which would cut off illegal migrants from sending money home. Every Democrat would vote against such a bill, as would many Republicans, thus preventing its passage.
  3. An economic collapse due to his insane economic policies of more borrowing, more printing, and trade wars.

None of that matters though, because Trump won’t be elected. At best, Trump will take 17% of the Hispanic vote, and 10% of African Americans.

Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona will all be won by Secretary Clinton.

John McCain’s seat will be taken by the Democrats. Republican incumbents will also fall in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio. This will in turn give the Democrats control of the Senate. Add New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Missouri, and this could be a blowout.

Hispanics turning against Republicans by the greatest margin in American political history. The entire Southwest falling to the Dems along with the loss of the Senate will be devastating enough for the GOP.  Having to be tainted for the rest of your political history as someone who didn’t stand up to Trump will be even worse for the politicians who survive the election, yet didn’t stand up for their supposed principles.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska comprehends this, which is why he is calling on Republicans to not vote for either Trump or Clinton. The #NeverTrumpOrHillary movement has thus come to fruition, and it must last.

In May, the Libertarian Party will meet in Orlando to choose their presidential nominee. For the first time ever, a significant amount of the political class will be paying attention to the LP, and libertarians better pay heed. Nominating a nonentity purist such as Austin Peterson would be stupidity at its height. Nominating former Governor Gary Johnson, and another former or current Republican or Democratic politician for VP would be wise. If not, then a billionaire who can fund the campaign. Perhaps David Koch, who was the 1980 LP vice presidential nominee. Mr. Koch is now worth more than thirty billion…that’s right, THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS. That should give the LP the type of exposure it needs to reach the masses who have ignored them previously. The Koch family has already stated it won’t support Trump, and it would be foolish for the LP not to officially send an olive branch to David, and apologize for the previous infighting that drove him out in the 1980s.

Is it possible for the LP to win? Of course not, and it’s not the point. The point is to take a principled stand against the chauvinistic, protectionist, anti constitutionalist positions espoused by Mr. Trump.

Many Trump adversaries and critics are flat out wrong that a coming clash of civilisations isn’t coming between the West and Islam, for Trump is right about that. The problem is that Trump funded the very politicians who in turned supported the War in Iraq, the Patriot Act, drone strikes, overthrowing Gaddafi, and supporting a continued alliance with Saudi Arabia.

Feeble excuses that Trump couldn’t have principled political positions on those issues because he was a businessman is ludicrous. As for Iraq, he was for the war before he was against it, just like Secretary Clinton. Where was he when Gaddafi was killed? He never criticised it. Where was he when the Patriot Act was enforced? Nowhere to be seen.

Don’t tell me someone who was a liberal throughout the late 90s and early 2000s couldn’t take principled positions that leftists, libertarians, and constitutionalists all took on those issues.

If his underlying excuse is that he would have lost money on building projects if he took those positions, then he should be ashamed. His economic policies which he wants to introduce would not limit the amount of billions he has, but would put millions of more Americans in poverty, as they fail to pay their mortgage because the price of goods from afar skyrockets, the dollar falls even further, and the stook market plunges.

Someone who pretends to care about the country yet fails to defend it when he has such a large microphone evidently doesn’t care given that he was nowhere to be seen until recently. People want someone like that as our President? Vote third party, or take a hike. We’ve had enough fools in the White House thank you very much. #NeverTrumpOrHillary

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