14 Americans Gunned Down By Muslim Terrorists In California


14 American citizens were gunned down in cold blood by Syeed Farook and other Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino on December 2nd. These terrorists wore tactical gear, had assault rifles, pistols, & pipe bombs. Not only will the leftists play this down, but they will hark on about gun control. San Bernardino is in California, and has some of the most strict guns laws in the United States. If criminals want to obtain weapons, it’s extremely easy to do.

What the focus should be on is the religion of the terrorists. Not all Muslims are terrorists. However, Islam clearly drives its followers to commit acts of terror against apostates, infidels, pagans, gays, and the list goes on and on.


As this terror attack occurred, Barack Hussein Obama was spending his time with radical globalist fanatics in Paris.


According to Obama, “The greatest threat we face is global warming.”

Mr. Obama, I would refer to you as ‘President’, but out of respect for the office which you occupy, I will refrain from doing so.

Instead of pretending global warming is a threat while it snows in Cairo for the first time in over a century, you should focus on the threats to your citizenry. The greatest threat to the United States and all of western civilization is nuclear warming.

Given that the terrorist Pakistani government has over one hundred nuclear weapons and counting, I would expect you do your job and protect your citizens.

You’ve said you want more refugees in the United States from the Middle East. How many more terrorist attacks do we need Mr. Obama?

5, 10, 50, 500?

Tell us.

It’s time for a ban on all Islamic immigration from Muslim countries effective immediately. If we are to arm anyone in Muslim nations, it’s the Christians and pagans who are under threat. Not Muslim terrorists who are our ‘friends’ one day, and flying planes into buildings the next.

But what about this attack? Syeed Farook was an American citizen, was he not?

Yes, he was.

According to the FBI there are more than 1,000 American citizens who have probes on them for supporting the Islamic State.

All of this further cements that ‘moderate Islam’ does not exist. Nothing about Islam has ever been moderate. If 1,000 American citizens are under investigation by the FBI for supporting the Islamic State, then how many aren’t being investigated? 10,000, 100,000, 300,000?

Any citizen of a western civilized country who supports Muslim terrorist organizations must be arrested for treason, and executed accordingly. Furthermore, all mosques which support terrorism must be closed indefinitely. The longer we wait, the more likely it is that we seal the fate which our adversaries seek. We either die by the sword, or live by the sword. The time for inaction must end.

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